Challenge #107 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: the hanging gardens of babylon

Pure Entries

@ner [list:204656c8fd]
Well as the creator of the “screw” thread I felt comitted, so as a theme for my WC project I choosed the Archimedes screw, a method to irrigation archiologist say was used in the hanged garden.

Jay Eff
Enter at Your Own Risk

i ran into a snag that i tried to fix for several hours and finally just redid the thing, so i did not get around to adding the vegetation or textures, so don’t vote for it!

Gardens of Babylon



So many entries to choose from! Flipped a coin between @ner and Tamarin, and @ner takes my vote.

hm, think i’ll go with tamarin this time.

Thanks for the votes. I guess everyone is over at Blender Wars or something. @ner, nice lighting and textures. Modron, nice modelling. I really like the relief on the wall.

I second that. It’s why I voted for it. :smiley:


thanks guys i wish i would have gotton some foliage but oh well!

Tamarin is definitely the most ‘in theme’ and his/her image is well conceived. The only real problems are the ziqqurat texture, which looks clear stone whereas mesopotamian used clay bricks and the lighting, which looks a dupliverted iconsphere of spotlights, whereas a sun + ambient occlusion would have fit the scene best.

Prince entry is both technically good and an original, smart, interpretation. That’s why I voted him. My appreciation would be much higher if the picture in the picture would have been itself made in Blender too! Is it?

Modron image is again technically good, but does not fit much the theme

Jay Eff image is a bit too basic, even if it shows an original interpretation

@ner image is again technically good and original, so could have been my choiche too :slight_smile:


thanks for voting for me s8! I realized afterwards why everyone said it was a play on words! I would have also liked to have made the image in blender but it wasn’t as i was pressed for time (i didnt even enter until sunday night!) also seeing that it wasn’t in blender i would have liked a higher resolution image! Unfortunately i didn’t have time to render a new scene! Thanks again for voting for me all! :wink:

I chose Tamarin, for actually attempting a complete Babylonion garden (achitecture and vegetation) :slight_smile:

I would have liked to seen more of the plants (just bigger and with some more plant meshes would be great) though.

i will give him props for that too! i would have liked to seen a finished scene! it doesn’t look finished! The only other one besides mine that looked finished was aners but his didn’t even have vegetation (but got to love those textures! :smiley: ) Good work all! :smiley:

Tamarin your entrie kicks @#$!

Tamarin’s is well done, and one of only two entries (in my opinion) that actually look good. But @ner’s screw wouldn’t work, and I don’t see the gardens, so my vote stays with Tamarin. I like Prince’s, too, but, well… I dunno.

well that’s nice that you apparently think the other three look like crap. thanks for sharing.

I rendered another view showing some detail of the palm tree.

My vote goes to Tamarin, but everyone has nice entries this week (as always). It’s too bad I couldn’t get mine done in time for entry…if anyone is interested in seeing the WIP thread for it here’s the link

Tamarin Thanx for close up, palm tree is really good, but close up also shows that brick texturing is weak… bricks are too big. and oddly placed.

Can you comment on lighting?


yes it is a good thing that the close up wasn’t being judged as people would have seen how low quality texturing was done on the actual pyramid that from a distance looked fine! :frowning: I love the palm tree leaves though (did you use sprites or actually make those?) but the truck was a little off and the texture was horific! It looks as if you used the same one as the pyramid just tubed to the trunk! uv mapping would have made it much better! still good job! :smiley:

Prince got my vote.

did you used an image for the painting or did you made it by yourself?

you’re picture was also great Tamarin.

no i googled “hanging gardens of babylon” and took that picture - if i would have had more time (as i started on sunday night not thursday) i would have created a babylon and then used a render of that to do it! Thanks for your vote - i appreciate it! It is my first entry ever so i hope it was good! Thanks all! :wink:

Had to vote for Tamerin. Their all good to verying degrees and in different ways. @nder has lighting and texturing down. Jay Eff had an original twist on the theme. Modron’s shows extreem potential, but it looks like he ran out of time. Prince also had a clever twist, and some nice textures. I voted for Tamarin because it looks like he spent alot of time on it. Both the modeling and texturing are good, and the render seemed the most complete to me.

Grats all on their entries.