Challenge #109 Entries (23/07/04) CLOSED

Theme #109 for 23 july 2004 is: Japanese Garden

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 26 july 2004.

This is the third subject in a row about an ‘old’ civilisation; first Babylon, then Vikings and now Japan.
Let’s see what I can do. Great luck everyone.

Rocks, Grass and Pebbles

pure entry

It’ll be my first dojo.

Couldn’t finish background in time. Here is what I have so far.

Here is a slightly fantastical Japanese Garden, ever so faintly Monet inspired…

Created and rendered in Blender 2.33a. All procedural textures except for the swan. Saturation/contrast tweaked in post. Branches/leaves use dupliverts, grass simply too many subdivided planes duplicated/proprortionately edited.

8.5 hours to render. Over 4 million render time verts in this one! :smiley:


Original message:

water dance on rocks
the wind kisses every leaf
this is the place held


here’s mine unless i manage to get more done tommorow.

Junk nice play on words only isn’t that more hong kong? :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway i'll try my luck with this!  ;)

I am in… i like japaneese things…

soo… let’s try something…

 L   C
P    EH

hmm… it kinda looks like a japaneese letter… hmm…

    L C E H 
   A       O

With the proper stroke directions too :stuck_out_tongue:


possible placeholder

640x480 version

1024x768 version


Once again, not sure how much I’ll be around this weekend. But I think I’m addicted to the weekend challenge now, so wanted to put something together.

Place holder

Place Holder.
Time to pause my work on my scene and get busy.

oh boy!!! I love Japanese gardens!!!

And now, my first WC entry!
Ta-daa! It’s pure, except for the background, which I made in gimp. It’s pure.

And theeth, here’s a thumb:

what, you couldn’t through in an adjective that I could use to dement it like in Hanging Gardens of Babylon? lol I will try, but I dunno.

you could have hundreds of japanese people sprouting up out of the ground! (that isn’t my idea naturally…) :smiley: It’s a little too morbid though… %|

Here it is!
I was going to put some japanese proverb here, but I decided not to. :smiley:
The tree was modeled by hand, grass was made using fiber, completely pure. :smiley:

I think I’ll participate in the WC this time:)

Here’s my version of a Japanese garden. All pure Blender, except for the skybox which I created in terragen.

Just look at that sand, carefully raked each morning by the groundskeeper. It’s designed in such a way that it focuses its power on the pillar in the center. The large stones are negative forces that must be overcome in the gratuitous sand sculpting process.
Small (640x480)

i like the theme, but , still a noob, i can’t make plants. maybe i make a garden where it rained a lot so you only see a layer of water.
but that would be too simple so i’m participating next time (if i can do something with that subject)