Challenge #109 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Japanese Garden

Pure Entries

byDesign [list:daee4494ce]
I spent way too much time on it this weekend… But alas, Shard had the same idea as I did. Maybe we looked at the same website for reference (

yeah! here’s my entry…

I was going to put some japanese proverb here, but I decided not to.

here’s mine

Once again, not sure how much I’ll be around this weekend. But I think I’m addicted to the weekend challenge now, so wanted to put something together.

oh boy!!! I love Japanese gardens!!!

“Japanese Garden Temple”

“Reflection, Time, Solitude - Pleasures of Japanese Culture”

(“Reflection” - the reflections of the water / “Time” - the shadows of the temple / “Solitude” - only one main object)

Just look at that sand, carefully raked each morning by the groundskeeper. It’s designed in such a way that it focuses its power on the pillar in the center. The large stones are negative forces that must be overcome in the gratuitous sand sculpting process.

Here is a slightly fantastical Japanese Garden, ever so faintly Monet inspired…

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

Rocks, Grass and Pebbles

Couldn’t finish background in time. Here is what I have so far.


I go for Robertt.
Mostly because thats what I was headed for but i wasnt able to finish in time.
Oh and because it kicks major A**.

my vote goes to byDesign. thats the coolest imho.

byDesigns awesome entry recieves my vote.

it’s a toss up between by Designs and Robertts!

by Design is very picture like and has lots of cool features

robertts is very painting like and adds new dimensions to art

Nice work guys! :wink:

lemmy got my vote, very cool pic man!!

Robertt’s and byDesign’s are also very well executed (robertt: love the swan, design: love the rocks, very photoreal!!)

The following three are my favorites:

lemmy: Great lighting! The backlight makes a good mood.
byDesign: Very nice garden. But I still miss something. Maybe it is a bit too cool.
Robertt: Fantastic! I’d like to stand on that bridge, watching and relaxing. You got my vote.

i like Robertt’s entry and byDesign. so one of you choose heads or tails. then i decide.

i had an idea to make for this theme, but its still to hard to make it. it’s not in the entrys so it would have been nice.

I voted for byDesign love the garden

almost dead hit between Bydesign and Robertt.

voted for Robert because of the technical mastery, but Bydesign entry has really a nice mood

once the release made, i really hope to enter again in wc

Voted for Robertt, because of his nice and complete scene.
All of them are very good.

Yesterday, when I had almost completed my scene, our “internetcomputer” didn’t want to start in the real-mode, but only in the safety-mode. I wasn’t able to post my entry :(. I’m not at home now, that’s why I’m able to send this message. Here is my non-participating-anymore-entry (copy + paste):
I hope you like it.

P.S.: Hole 108 has to be Hole 109. I didn’t change it because the render was about 115 minutes :o.

Wow, amazing stuff from everybody! It was a pretty tough decision, but my wife liked lemmy’s the best, so I tilted that way. Excellent tree, great use of light. That said, so many others were also terrific, especially Robertt’s Monet touch and byDesign’s day-to-night piece. Good work, all!

A toss up between Robertt and Bydesign. Ended up voting for bydesign, just because it has such a nice mood to it.

Thanks! Wow, I’ve gotten more votes than I thought I would!
Anyway, the tree IS done by hand.
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! :smiley:

I didn’t really think any of them expressed Japanese gardens correctly, but I liked the tree in Lemmy’s, so he got my vote.

vote went for Bydesign. asked my sister and she sad she liked that one more.

yep ByDesign gets my vote didn’t even have to think about it.

I voted for RipSting. Very nicely done!

I enjoyed looking at all the entries here. I hope everyone enjoyed working on their entries.

Thanks to all who thought well of my image.

Wishing everyone a good week :slight_smile:


I voted for Robertt… You say its fantastical, however, for me it reminds me of cherryblossem season. Its more accurate than you obviously think it is. ByDesign’s was also awsome, it just didn’t feel like home to me. (I spent 7 years in japan)

I voted for Robertt. It is such a lush and vibrant scene. However, I think if Usagi put more time into it, that would have been a contender as well.

Good job to all…that was a tough topic…which is why I didn’t enter :wink: :-? :stuck_out_tongue: