Challenge #11 Entries (26 July 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Yikes! I’m late! Sorry! (The perils of having to open up shop at the same time as the challenge starts…)

Current Challenge Status

Theme #11 for 26 July 2002 is: to go, where no man has gone before
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 29 July 2002.

Goofster has provided some additional info:

There are no changes to the rules (found here: )

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix is available for all your entry formatting/validation needs, and is the offical time source for the Challenge. Go on, use it. It does work, and makes all our lives easier :slight_smile:

Good luck, and have fun! (That is why you’re here, isn’t it? :smiley: )

(Ecks) #2

WOW nice theme!!!

This may be my placeholder…I just have to find an idea :-?

(BgDM) #3

Well, got this done this morning, about 5 hours worth of work. This is all Blender, with some minor PhotoShop tweeks for some blur.

This ia a couple of exploration submarines going into a deep crevase in the bottom of the sea.

Good luck to all!


PS: Please note that the edits on this post have been for spelling mistakes in the post and not for the image. Thanks.

(Zweistein) #4

He he, that was fast :wink:

Just one group was there, where never was someone before… Perhaps it was the last time, that somebody went there…

(LohnS) #5

LOL i got a great idea…

(rixtr66) #6

PURE entry,modelled and rendered in blender,with a bit of post process with psp.
im hoping youll appreciate the humor and irony in this.

rixtr 8)

(theeth) #7

completely OPEN entry

       /    | |-\ |     /--     -----------
      |  _  | | / |     \_     |           |
      \   \ | |-  |       \    |           |
       \__/ | | \ |--   __/    |           |
                               |           |
                               |           |
                               |         o |
                               |           |
                               |           |
                               |           |
                               |           |

to go, where no man has gone before



(@ce) #8

Placeholder :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #9

place holder.

(leinad13uk) #10

I am in the middle of making the girls toilet thing. Damn You, No one will vote 4 it now saying it was unorigianl, I started about 12 hours b4 u posted that.



Pure Basic Blender Objects and entities, cubes, planes and textures off the internet
(copy and paste)

Sorry about sounding a bit stupid with my other post, like ectizen sed its only 4 fun.


(theeth) #11

Oh well… sorry. I can delete my post if it would make you feel any better. It was only meant as a joke…


(ectizen) #12

Extra vehicular activity :slight_smile:
Parental Advisory: The following image contains poorly rendered digital representations of bodily fluids :o
Pure All new, all blender

theeth: Your entry is not valid :wink:

It doesn’t contain a link to an image.

leinad13uk: I briefly thought of the same interpretation, too. In fact I suspect that this would be considered by most of the native/fluent english speakers among us, maybe even non-fluent english speakers too, depending on whether this aspect of “to go” translates well. My advice is to keep working on your entry - you’re doing this for fun, remember? :slight_smile:
If it’s any consolation, as it stands, theeth’s “entry” may not make it to the voting thread, and if it does, it would appear at the bottom, so it’d look like he copied you :wink:

(bogbean) #13

It sure is dark in there…

Pure Used subsurfs for the elephant and 1/2 a man (I love subsurfs). The tree was generated by the L-system script. The ground and mountains are fractal subdived planes.

(S68) #14

It doesn’t contain a link to an image.

Theeth, quick, add a link to an image! Make a screen dump of your artwork… :wink:

Stefano (cannot participate this week)

(LohnS) #15

THEETH!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

you stole my idea =(

i’m out this week :frowning:

(Goofster) #16


this is hilarious. I cam up with this topic with that girls toilet in mind. weel, i cant win this week anyway, so Ispilled my guts in #blenderchat.
And now all of a sudden everyone has the sme idea :slight_smile:

o well, I guess it was pretty obvious :smiley:

good luck guys


(nerddogs) #17

Pure. Just used Blender and the Blender texture cd. The sun was made with halo spots that track to the camera. So the sun shines where ever you move the camera. :slight_smile:

Edit: Here is a proper jpg…copy and paste…should I remove the tumbnail? Is it messing with anyones browser?:

(ectizen) #18

Cute trick with the links :o
You’ll find that the non-thumbnail link probably won’t work for people who aren’t using IE (like the organiser, for example :wink: ). Could we have a regularly named version as well so we can copy-paste if the .txt version doesn’t work?

(Technical info: the geocities server is seeing the .txt extension and saying “This is a text file”, and giving it a “Content-type: text/plain” header (or it might just be defaulting to text/plain). When a standards-compliant web browser receives this, it sees the “text/plain” and displays it as text. When IE receives this, it ignores the header (breaking the standards) and displays it as an image. This is why it works for you, but not for me :slight_smile:
Strangely enough, the thumbnail actually worked - I guess the browser was expecting an image and forced this issue. Hmm… Whether this is good or bad, I don’t know, but it does mean that if you put a small chunk of html with an <img …> tag pointing to your image-with-a-text-extension, it would probably work)

(TurboG) #19

A place where no man has gone before, is a place where no man would fit.

This is a pure entry. The picture hanging on the wall was modeled in the past but rendered and put in in JPG format. I used a Texture for the wood found in a texture collection and modified it to create the door. (Cut&Paste then follow the link to the picture)

I wanted to do a girls bathroom but when I noticed one allready and Theeths marvelous creation, I decided to think of somthing new…I thought for a moment and it hit me…I figured no one else would use this so I made it…I was also thinking maybe a mousehole or dogdoor but I decided on this…This is my first time entering a weekly challenge and I dont think I stand a chance amongst so many great entries!

(@ce) #20

correct quickly turbo!