Challenge #113 Entries (20/08/04) CLOSED

Theme #113 for 20 august 2004 is: As I was walking down the street one day…

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 august 2004.



I mean…Placeholder. :stuck_out_tongue:


This will be fun, placeholder please.

Huh. I’m in. Placeholder.

As I
was walking
down the street one day…
over heard a strange man say

:o wierd topic.

This subject means a few days thinking about what my scene will be like, nevertheless streetholder.

I don’t quite like the topic, but I might give it a try, just to forget my pathetic defeat on the last challenge. I’ve got a pretty cool idea, but I might not be able to render it correctly as always.
Wish me luck.
Hypo-fuck1ng-thetic placeholda

EDIT: I couldn’ find the time to finish my picture. I won’t be in this time. Good luck everyone.

I think I might have a nice idea for an entry.

Possible placeholder

Don’t know yet if I could ever get an idea for that topic. Should be fun, though. Placeholder!

<EDIT>Hadn’t time this week end, so I guess I’m out of this challenge this time. Sorry!</EDIT

streetholder. (and now i have to go to school again to get my books :-? )

Good an idea hust popped in my head%| as i read the topic, I’m in.

I’ll give it a shot.



Pure entry. I used makehuman for the mesh… for some reason I thought of a buddhist monk sort of reaching enlightenment while taking a simple walk.

if i don’t get too caught up in my anim i’ll do it. i promise no cubes!

What a relief :P!
Secondly I’ve got a pretty good idea :D, but I’m not going to tell you :Z.


I’ve got a fool idea, so i’ll try it
My first attempt on wc…Placeholder :slight_smile:


-Pure entry

as real as life…

Place Holder


Hmmm for the first time ever an idea popped into my head straight away :slight_smile:

so Placeholder!


i’m in.