Challenge #114 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Character with expressions

Pure Entries

BgDM [list:6c10f57069]
Here it is:

Characters - expressions - sigh

here’s my entry,almost didn’t finished visitors from out of town kept me away from blending the past few days.

Mr Smiley invented a great device to smile in ANY situation. You never can smile when you hear “cheese!” ? Then this is for you. Pull it harder according to the boring level of your situation.
Note: Use in extremely boring circumstances is hazardous for health.

Jay Eff
He’s blind, but his hearing gives him sight.

Can’t believe I decided to pull it off.

’ I cweem , icweem! aaaaaaaaaahh! ’

“Looking for a good expression”
Explore kaare_w_j

Oh cool. This one should be really interesting.

Could you think of anything worse that kissing a hairy tongue. All I have to say about this entry is… Blaaaaaarge :stuck_out_tongue:

This is surely becoming my next avatar, but before it will be my avatar I will change some things, because at the end I had to do some things a bit too quick. I became 16 (I had visitors), so I didn’t have the time to make it perfect.

Modeled and rendered in Blender 2.34.

Puke! I’m glad the olympics is over…

I made my gamecube alive and i think it likes me :stuck_out_tongue:

“Nessie liked all the attention he got from the tourists, but maybe he overplayed the mysterious card a bit too much…”

Expression of Serenity

I’ll name it “Water Intoxication” and it was made using only Blender.

Open Entries

Hoagies [list:6c10f57069]
i’m a totla newbbie when it comes to modeling faces, so i used the tutorial on this webpage. This is my first face hope you like it

Here’s my effort although I haven’t read the rules but I assume it’s an open entry as I post processed the colours in Irfanview.


I pick IgorSandman, his pic I think is clean, colorful, and funny. :slight_smile:

Lived, that image will be stuck in my head until exhaustion brings sleep to my eyes.

Too bad i cant see BgDm’s cause not enough bandwidth, i think alltaken’s site has finally reached its limits.

But had to go with laniru loved his interpritation of GWB.

Kåre, that was a truly original idea.

Of all the WC’s of late, this one certainly did elicit a great number of very creative interpretations of the theme.

laniru’s clay looking GB got my vote.I like Lived’s entry also.Great entry’s everyone :slight_smile:

:expressionless: “I hope I at least get 1 vote”

Shoot! Didn’t finish my entry in time. Oh well, it needed a lot of work anyways. Maybe I will post it in WIP later.

A lot of good entries. I really like robertt’s but I had to go with laniru’s image. The expresion is great. Good work.

Robertt!!! What a fantastic mood! And those colors :o It looks really good. The wood could be a bit smoother and his right arm looks a bit weird. The head (with expression :D) is good. The feet are very simple and the hand (under the fingers) is to thick. But the feeling is awsome! (The only thing that matters :P)
( and you can leave the thumnail out :P)

About the others, I think Igorsandman did a good job. Laniru fits the topic good (could have used some more light). Monkeyboi did make what I had in mind. Good entrys this week!

I can’t see the others now, so I’ll vote later.

Bye, BackiZ

Lived gets my vote, gross!!

I voted for RobbertT.

I’ll post a comment on evry entry. (We’re a community, right?)
Forgive me if I’m a bit rude. I just want to help. If you don’t wanna hear any crits, don’t read the following:

-BgDM: nice pic as always. The shader on the mask is a bit weird. Maybe that’s the raymirror. I don’t know. But good picture anyway

-Caleb: Maybe you should have chosen another color for the background. Your picture is dull and according to the model, that’s not the mood you wanted to achieve.

-friedbrain: good model, but you should work more on the texture. For instance we, blender user, can tell you use varonoi texture on the head at first sight. Try to hide the tricks you use.

-igorsandman: simply awesome you rock! 8)

-Jay Eff: when I saw you picture in the wip section I said to myself. This will defnetly have it’s chance to win. The shader on the face is great, the design is cool, but here, your lighting setup isn’t very good. Too dark and not enough contrasted. It’s still a good model :slight_smile:

-Kansas_15: Sorry dude your bandwidth is exceeded and I don’t remember the details about your pic. BTW: you talk too much, dude. Sorry to say that, but I counted around five post by you only in the entries thread. If you don’t slow it down (or say interestring things) you’l make some enemies in the community. It’s just a thought, take no offense mate.

Knightmare: I love the baby’s expression and the simplicity of the model. It’s very efficient. My only crits wuould be that the scene doesn’t match very well with the background. But it’s brave to do a compositing (or kind of) for a challenge like this :slight_smile:

kare: (or watever that wierd letter is :wink: ) Very good picture, with sensibility. One of my favourite. Nothing to crit appart, maybe for the texture of the wood which is a bit to clean.

laniru: Love the model. The expression is a bit weird, especially the left eye. but man we can recognise him (even without the american flag :wink: ) A bit more texture would have made this one of the best of this contest.

Lived: very funny picture, mate. The weak point of your entry is the rough lighting. You should try to soften it. I like the hair on the tongue hehe :slight_smile:

marcoscosci: You should model the eye instead of doing a texture. And the rest of the model need textures or at least shaders. Funny model anyway. keep it up.

Monkeyboy: one of my fav. awesome shader on the skin. my only crit would be the eyes. the white part isn’t shaded and it looks a bit flat.

niknah: funny idea. sad you didn’t finished it.

olimario: the model is a bit too simple, but I like the concept of making your personal object alive.

plexersheep: good composition. The weak point is the texture. A part from the “horns” they look a bit flat. On the hill for instance, it’s stretched.

RobertT: stop winning this contest. I want my chance. And hmm. oh yeah about you’re picture: nice mood and great design for the character (I like the fat cheek) A small crit: the texture on the rocks is not perfect. the seams betwean the top and the sides are not appearing on the texture.

Weldertier: funny idea. The texture of the wall is neato. The water is not dense enough though.

hoagies: no more bandwidth sorry dude.

Thechief: cool picture. it has mood.

Wow that’s a pretty long post :wink:
Don’t take the those crits the bad way. It’s only my opinion.

Thanks for those who voted and will vote for me. (Kansas_15 for instance :))

I think I’ve got to go with RobertT on this one. It’s got a really great mood, which always seems to happen in his works.

Alot of good entries, though!

Alternate link to my image if you can not see it -> (COPY & PASTE)

laniru got my vote. That one is just friggin hilarious. Captured the look perfectly.


I went with Robertt great picture!

Of the few I thought were good the decision was actually quite difficult:

The shortlist were: plexersheep - because Nessie’s expression said it all, niknah - with an hysterical interpretation on the theme, monkeyboi - who had a classic and literal interpretation of the theme and laniru - great expressive GWB.

I think I’ll go with plexersheep.
The modelling/texturing has some issues but the expression on Nessie’s face is perfect!

I enjoyed my first foray into creating a character and although I didn’t like mine much, it was still worthwhile. Congrats to all the others that also strayed out of their comfort zone.


Thanks guys. What an entertaining batch of entries this week. :slight_smile:

My vote goes to IgorSandman. Good colors, character expression, and creative approach to the topic.


what many good entries (i know everyone thinks so). i voted for the loch ness monster. RobertT’s entry might be more realistic, but i juts like mythical beasts. and besides RobertT already won (too) many WC :wink: and Plexersheep i don’t know so…

I can see that, the only problem is half the entries use Alltaken’s mudpuddle gallery because of the service, and it going down during a WC voting session is pretty bad considering it cripples the voting session.

my vote goes to WierdHat for all the “EYEBALLS” LMAO!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Igorsandman wrote;

-friedbrain: good model, but you should work more on the texture. For instance we, blender user, can tell you use varonoi texture on the head at first sight. Try to hide the tricks you use.

but i did use voroni texture and why would i wanna hide it, isn’t the texture there for us to use?? %|

why don’t you go here for hosting your images is free and linkable :wink:

I voted for plexersheep, I liked this the most.

I’m sorry for those who have their image at Alltakens site.
Did this happen with elysiun ever?

P.S. please copy + paste my link, or else it won’t work.

I vote for BgDM, really nice render. I can’t understand I’m the only one who thinks so! I nearly voted for Lived’s submission though - it has real character.