Challenge #115 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Take a famous ancient painting and make it your own

Pure Entries

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Ok, here is my 3d rendering of Van Gough’s room.

Hi, here’s my entry, “Mona Pelicana”, I made it from “Mona Lisa” of Da Vinci.

heres the reference picture. There is some resmbelence icon_razz.gif

Behold! The Dua Lisa:

Jay Eff
Here is my first surreal art in Blender, based on Salvidor Dali’s The Eye, I bring you James Finley’s The Eye.

Jedi Dawn
I present: Yellow suzzane with interesting lighting:

Here it: my interpretation of Picasso’s Violin and Guitar

Here is my entry, a remake of Munch famous painting “the scream”.

“Guernica With Suzanne”
Here’s the original Picasso:

It’s very chilly outside for this painting, so it wants to come in.

Persistence of Blender - inspired by Dali

Inspired by many of the alien landscaped crafted by H. R. giger.

I made the toon version of the Roman wolf


I liked mikejedw’s, but I voted for SoloCreator; I liked the textures on his a whole lot.


i had to go with nicnah just for the pure hilarity of his concept. :smiley:

mikejedw take my vote.

robertt and mikejedw both very good, I might have to think about this.

thanks Fonix Wircs! :smiley:

It would be nice if there was links to the original paintings for the entries, only some of them have the links, saves people from going through the entries thread.

I was going to enter, but ran out of time. I had Pablo Picasso already blended…

And as a result, mikejedw gets my vote. I knew exactly what painting he used as soon as I saw the blended picture. That picture is sooo cool. It’s got Suzanne in it, and everything!

But RobertT almost got the vote, because I love that painting as well, and using Blender icons instead of clocks was brilliant.

Mikejedw got my vote. Excelent work. More colors would have make it even better, but anyways…
RobertT’s entry is also great.

kirpre gets my vote this week, nice looking picture, like the colours and its a good 3D version of the original.

This week was hard! I couldn’t even get mine finished.

:o Lots of convincing entries… My top 3 at the moment is:
1st: mikejedw
2nd: robertt
3rd: SoloCreator

But there are many that I find real cool… I wish I could rate each pic individually!

Obviously, I voted for mikejedw

PS: Jedi Dawn: nice try :wink: I guess intrr’s post is a classic, now ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we see how brilliant this week’s topic is. :smiley: So many great entries.

I voted for mikejedw, too.

Nice job guys! 8)

I voted for Robertt, because personally I like Dali, and this one was nice too see. Nice idea and quite nice abstract render. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, this week’s entries are really outstanding! Robertt did a really excellent job, but I voted for my cubist brother, kirpre. Mad props to Hoagies, too!

Anyone who gets the chance should take a spin at re-creating a Picasso or another cubist painting–the 3d clues they leave behind in their work make them really fun to play with! Just for giggles, here’s the blend file I used to make mine.

Some of these really impressed me, but I had to go with niknah.

Concept, concept, concept!!


Great entries everyone. I vote for Falgor. Made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

mikejedw got my vote (my cubist brother). I was hoping to do the same painting as you but could never find a good sized image of it. You did a better job than I ever could have anyways, I knew it had my vote right away. Nice job.

I had to go for Robertt again. Cleanest render.

I don’t have any votes yet, aaarghh! :< :wink:

everybody. Really Didn’t except this WC this great. I like every pic here. And great ideas. Downloaded most of the pics.
Grrr, really don’t know for who should I vote. I think it will be Falgor because that picture made me really laugh. But Robertt is also very good. GRRR! I just don’t know, give me time :).
Hardest WC to choose the winner for me.
so long

I voted for Marcoscosci because I liked it. 8)

wow some really nice ones this week! I went with Mikejedw. Very nice! I wanted to do this one but I got completely bogged down in paperwork. :expressionless: