Challenge #117 Entries (17/09/04) CLOSED

Theme #117 for 17 september 2004 is: H.R. Giger’s Alien

The objective is to model anything relating to H.R. Giger’s original concept of the very popular Alien franchise. This also includes the alien ship, facehuggers, xenomorph, chestbusters etc…

You can find a good source for reference by simply typing “Giger + Alien” in the Google image search.

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 20 september 2004.

Place holder!!!

is this the entire series or jsut the first movie/book?


[edit] On second thought might as well throw up what i got done, was able to get a bit more work on it yesterday


as a fan of alien I must enter. i’m not producing very good stuff lately though.
Well… We’ll see.
So here it is. I didn’t have time so I did that in about 1 hour. Quick and dirty (filthy would be more correct :wink: )

full size


waaaah! :frowning: I can’t enter 'cause I don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

That makes this topic interesting :P!


P.S. it would be fun if elysiun had an alienlooking emoticon.

plant person: the movie Alien, Aliens Alien 3 and alien reserection are all based off of HR Giger’s alien

All of a sudden these topics get uninteresting, i’ll just be on the sidelines observing the entries. :-?

All of a sudden these topics get uninteresting

Um…how can anything relating to H.R. Giger be uninteresting?

So this cant be about Predator? He did create that too didnt he?
If so PlaceHolder for sure.
If only Aliens, then possibly.

OMG! Someone finally picked this as a topic! I can’t believe it! lol. I have to place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure how many people would be fond of my topic but I thought I’d give it a try. It would be nice if everyone could stay as close to H.R. Giger’s original vision of his Alien creations as possible.

One of the most notorious things about Giger is the Bio-Mechanical features that can be seen in his work. So try and think bio-mechanical.

Rememder, if you’re not all that good with modelling things that are organic, you still have the alien ship and the eerie landscapes to model as these were also the stunning work of H.R. Giger.

Althought the Predator has long been associated with the Alien franchise due to the release of numurous games, comics & films, the Predator was not created by H.R. Giger. However, if you feel that you can’t make any contribution related directly to Giger, then the Predator would be acceptable due to it’s strong association with the alien franchise.

well I hope that’s cleared things up a little.

Happy Blending :wink:

Jon (SoloCreator)



No time this weekend. Good luck to everyone that enters this week!!



Well I cant do this one after all because I cant turn real things into CG.
So if anyone wants my reference pic for the predator mask here ya go.

hmm interesting topic… i think i’ll get time to do something
BTW is this the alien we afe talking about
i found it one day when browsing and thought it was really cool so i added it to my favorites

Gryphon i doubt any1 is going to d that cause solojust one the last contest with the same thing.

Thats lame. lol
I didnt even know. Good thing I didnt get very far with it.
Sry about that, ive been gone for a week and missed the voting for #116 so I didnt know.

I somehow doubt that Giger had this in mind when he thought
up the chest burster:

Big version:


it’s another time permitting placeholder for me. cool topic.

damn it. The one topic I’ve been hanging out for somebody to bring out, and I’ve got absolutely no time to do anything.