Challenge #117 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: H.R. Giger’s Alien

Pure Entries

Hoagies [list:607b58f61c]
I modeled one of the aliens

I somehow doubt that Giger had this in mind when he thought
up the chest burster:

So here it is. I didn’t have time so I did that in about 1 hour. Quick and dirty (filthy would be more correct)

On second thought might as well throw up what i got done, was able to get a bit more work on it yesterday


Something original inspired after viewing Giger’s dark and disturbing works for a few hours…

The alien ship’s biomechanical computer, the neural circuits long decayed; bone, metal remains.

Non-Participating Entries

SoloCreator [list:607b58f61c]
Good luck everyone :wink:


Not too many entries I would consider having expert modeling.

Hoagies deserves my vote though because although Robertt and 1 and 2 others had good entries his is the most straight-foward.

I’m going with Robertt for really capturing the feel of the theme.

I’m with penitentman, Robertt’s the only entry that captured the feel of Giger’s work for me. Acouple of other nice ones, but I had to go with his.

It was a hard decision but i went with robertt

Robertt is the best for me but it doesnt relate too well with the topic which is Giger’s Alien, so I voted Penitentmen. IMHO not a good topic, too specific.

I’m voting for Hos. Very humorous, and also nice clean model.

once again had to go with humerous one, (and it stayed on topic too) so hos gets my vote.

I went with hos, simplty cause i’ve always wanted a chest burster for my birthday… but noone would get me one :frowning:


Hard decision but i had to go with Robertt he captured Giger’s brilliance
the other entries were good. Hogies was most straight forward execpt the background was too wild and took away from the alien

I voted for Igor, for actually making me laugh out loud.

Some nice entries here (I also liked Disco Alien, with the funky background, and the eggs), but like sornen said, the topic was too specific.


Cool entries once again :slight_smile:
one thing bugs me though. Hos’ entry looks like open to me since he used the same character as in his previous entry.
I guess an open entry can’t get any votes or that wouldn’t make any sense to name it open. Then again, maybe I missed something.
Anyways I’ll keep my vote untill someone makes this more clear to me.
If Hos doesn’t get my vote, I’ll have to make my mind between RobertT (I’m tired to vote for you, man ;)) and penitentman.
[edit]btw: I know this isn’t the wc118 :slight_smile: my mistake hehe. And thanks raseri for your vote[/edit]

Well, too bad I was away this past weekend. I would have definitley been in on this one.

Great work all.


Slim pickin’s. I thought this would be too limiting on imagination. Had to go with Robertt.

Hi Igor,

Yep, total reuse… I didn’t read the rules before entering, but you’re
right: this should have been flagged as ‘open’.

As far as I can tell from the rules, ‘open’ vs ‘pure’ is only an issue in
case of a tie, the relevant paragraph quoted below:

At the end of two days of voting, the entry with the highest number of votes wins. In the event of a tie, a Pure entry will win over an Open entry. In the event of a tie between Pure or Open entries, the earliest submitted entry will win - the submission time is taken as the last edited time of the submission message, or the message creation time if it hasn’t been edited.


Ok thanks Hos. You’ve got my vote then :wink: congrats with this pic.

Adding another well deserved vote for Hos’ very funny entry :smiley: Igor’s was funny too :wink:

I do hope people got to see Penitentman’s facehugger when it first appeared in the WIP section. It was very nicely modelled.

As always, I am deeply grateful for any interest in my work and will continue to work nonstop on my blending.

Have a great week everyone and take care,


Heh heh… thanks Robertt. I wish I hadn’t been so busy during the weekend so I could have capitalized on it.

At least it removed a bit of the fear I normally associate with organic models!

had to go with Hos.

I laught each time i see it

robertt one was good too

nice idea Hos