Challenge #118 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Room

Pure Entries

Hoagies [list]
here’s my entry

Ok here it is. Pure Blender except for the clouds, the glow and the caption which were done in PS.

It is the living-ROOM :slight_smile: in the Yoda’s house on Dagobah (old trilogy, of course). Or something similar at least, I hope…

Room In Bed

During the time of the monkey dynasty…

it’s a classROOM. (maybe not many tables, but it’s a small class :slight_smile: )

The Impossible Room

Desert house

It may offend some people, but bleh… I was trying to go for the Silent Hill feeling, but I couldn’t find the texture I need. >_<

The River Room

Here’s my PURE entry

It’s a Blender render with some touches in Photoshop. Like some levels/sharpening/glow and the two people.

Rayman’s got a new job!


It’s a tough toss-up between SoloCreator, and Wavk. But had to go with SoloCreator. Wavk: your’s has a very abstract, and cool feeling. But Solocreator’s is more like a room.

Good work everyone!

Shard, Niknah, and solo had the best entries I think, I ended up going for solo.

Had to go with shard. so clean, simple, and somehow believable. very trendy looking too. the sort of restaraunt (if it is a restaraunt) where garlic bread costs more than $10 CDN.

Whoa wavk, I love it! Very very stylish. I guess this one was too hard for you to resist, huh? :slight_smile:

Theeth, you forgot my entry :(. It was on page two:

Rayman’s got a new job!

I hope you will add him very soon.

Very good entries this week. Shard, solocreator and wavk, all look like photos in an avant-guard architecture magazine. But I chose the mysterious render created by Igor.

Wrong link above to my entry:

Good work from everyone!

A lot of good entries this week, but too clasic to my tastes. They all look the same. Anyways I chose SoloCreator’s entry. The lighting is very appealling. I love it.

Had to go with shard this week, I just like the feel of it and the water has a nice look to it. Wavk, solocreator and plantperson had nice ones also.

i went for igorsandman. it has a mythical touch (my opinion) aqnd i like that. rest was also good

I’m voting for wavk. I just really, really, like it, despite the fact that I don’t understand it. Mikejedw’s entry was pretty cool, as it usually is, but the hair didn’t look very good. I just liked wavk’s, anyway. It just looks… insane.

I have voted for SoloCreator. I love deversity of effects and objects. Really good job.

I voted for SoloCreator as well. Great composition in that image. Many varied objects, but all seem related to eachother and to the space. Great work!

wavk, that´s just amazing. Love the overall style and the “cut-out” people. It´s on my desktop right now :wink:

Solocreator. Great lighting. I liked some others too though, particularly Rangels.

I voted for wavk, its the best in my opinion!


Thanks, Modron !

it’s on my desktop too, wavk!

Wow :o

Can’t believe how many votes I’m getting. So many good entires this week. It seems that the Blender community is advancing further and further.

Shard and wavk’s entries are amazing. I love the innovative approaches in this weeks entries. I haven’t cast my vote yet as I can’t decide between so many great entries :-?

I’ll have to decide soon…

Anyway, thanks for all the votes and nice comments. Well appreciated and just what I need to get my Blending spirits back on form :smiley: