Challenge #119 Entries (01/10/04) CLOSED

Theme #119 for 1 october 2004 is: Depth of Vision

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 4 october 2004.

hmm. interesting. maybe ill actualy finish something.

edit: sorry. nothing again.

Not sure I understand the topic. You mean scenes that demonstrate perspective? could an example be given for clarification?

working on an idea. but i might not finish on time…

ok… let’s try looking for insperation… I hope I’ll find somthing.

I have idea but will it be done :-?

Basically, the goal of this weeks challange is to achieve a true sense of depth, it could be the depth of an ocean, canyon any scene that could involve great distance.

Well I hoped that cleared things up a little.

Good Luck

I would probably go for this, but I have to rerender something that will take days. So i’m not going to have time :frowning:

I got something rendering but knowing my comp it won’t be done in time. %|

Here’s my pure entry.





Microscopic Place holder

– Edit – Actually finished it!


Alternative URL

Open Entry as Depth of Field and Glow added using Gimp.

It’s meant to be a Glowing Sculpture of a Swan sculpted on the head of a Pin, although I’m not too sure I got an effective sense of scale.


hrm… i dunno…

This looks to be a topic which will be fairly barren of entries. I may have a go at this.



Well, here it is. Not my best but… :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’ll get more then 2 votes this time. This image is not pure(don’t know what the other word is), I post-processed it in photoshop.

Here’s My Entry

Placeholder. Will try to post an entry. :slight_smile:

I am so in

wait…is the end tommorow…?

yes. tommorow evening (for me at least)

i have a good idea. i hope it turns out nice.

Here is my entry (called Loo Ziahn). I decided to go for an original interpretation of the topic.

The young girl was speaking slowly as she was trying to remember. -There was... There was a man. -A man? -Yes... Upstairs, in the corridor. (Silence) He can see anything! -What was he doing? She looks at the guard. -He was observing me.


Pure blender. I hope you like it.