Challenge #120 Entries (08/10/04) CLOSED

Theme #120 for 8 october 2004 is: When the past meets the future

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 11 october 2004.

i have a nice idea for that one…


Very interesting, i’ll see what I could do with that if I get a good idea of something.

Wow. Its been too long since i came here and did something. Let this be a place holder for the time being.

Will check back in later.

Blender: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Some may not recognize the bottom symbol, it was the blender logo of times past. I think this is pure. It’s all blender, but a few of the models in the spotlight are old…

I’m leaving this because I thought it was so witty:Where a placeholder of the present meets placeholders from the past and future, that is where this post lies.



The history of legerdomain meets it’s technological future in Deskin Tolooth’s magic shop…


(Posting this now, as the weekend looks a bit crazy. May do some more work on the lighting if time permits, but not counting on it.)

time to make up for the not placeholders from the past.

edit: and here it is:

bridge from the past to the future.

the big picture:

i am new to these contests. do i have to sign up?

No need to sign up just post something in this thread by the due date.

place holder

first blend since summer vacation <placeholder>


here it is. 100% pure


server seems to be down… if it doesn’t work, I also put it in mudpuddle:

remove holder

well here it is. i think this is my first weekend challenge but i’m not sure since i’m drunk right now. :wink: this went through a few permutations before becomng the iclub.

here’s a video i made sort of as a commercial

Mpeg - 9.1Mb
AVI (DivX) - 1.1Mb

:o CanceledHolder :o

It’s an open entry because i made the McLaren last week but the rest i made this weekend and it’s pure blender

This is a real late declaration of holding of place, but at least I know I can model the idea I have real quick :slight_smile: (I’ve done it so many times before… Although this is the first time in blender).

In record time for me:
The Sands of Time

I would have done more intricate modelling (maybe a few decorative scythes), but I forgot to check on elysiun, and only discovered the new topic at the end of the weekend. Oops.

BTW, this is my most successful ever envmapping.

Ooops…Forgot the placeholder :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my entry.

I hope you enjoy it as much as it enjoyed you. Pure Blender, by the way.