Challenge #121 Entries (15/10/04) CLOSED

Theme #121 for 15 october 2004 is: To inifinity and beyond

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 18 october 2004.

Possible Placeholder, hope to get back in this week.

Here is mine for this week:

This is entitled “The Infinity Room” and is based on a freestanding structure in Wisconsin, USA which stretches 218 feet off the side of a cliff. This image is pure and uses AO & Glow.


Nooooo that’s gonna be to far :stuck_out_tongue:

ill see.


InfiniteHolder :smiley:

No way can I model a good Buzz Lightyear. But I may think of something…

Hi, everyone, hope ya remember me, haven’t been around elysiun for a while, :expressionless: But I’ve decided to try the weekend challenge, if I think of something to do for it…

~Most likely placeholder.

I don’t know about this one, i’m still working on a scene that would’ve been last week’s entry and this is quite similar to the depth of vision WC



hmmm… is it allowed to reuse my entry of the 119th WC in this challenge? :wink:

Similar but not the same as the last one.
Maybe I’ll start working on some more decimals of pi; 3,1415 enz :wink:
… or a render with inifinity time duration.

I’ll try this one.


Here’s my entry:

I think it’s pure, but I guess I’ll let Theeth decide; I only used Photoshop to get the reflection of the halos.


Well, here it is, a spacecraft of some sort that looks like a bird somewhat flying to the infinity of space and beyond.

The full pic:

I know, textures need some work, any tips on that? :-?

Here is my entry:

Eh, if I can find the time, I may just have to enter this one…

Edit: Once again, a cancelation is in order. I’ll take one, please.

Bong Holder (Pure Entry)

(full image link)
(Description):“Some people say death ends your life.Other’s say life is just a dream.Am I still dreaming, where will this never ending dream take me.”

In the near? future Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo docks at the International Space Station to refuel before taking it’s passengers to infinity and beyond…

Well, here’s my try…

Infinite improbability for the spontaneous appearance of forks in the gravitational field of a rubber duck somewhere near betelgeuse