Challenge #121 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: To inifinity and beyond

Pure Entries

4Daniel [list:18dce862fd]
Well, here’s my try…

Well, here it is, a spacecraft of some sort that looks like a bird somewhat flying to the infinity of space and beyond.

This is entitled “The Infinity Room” and is based on a freestanding structure in Wisconsin, USA which stretches 218 feet off the side of a cliff.

“Some people say death ends your life.Other’s say life is just a dream.Am I still dreaming, where will this never ending dream take me.”

Cutting it close here, but, what the heck:

Here is my entry:

In the near? future Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo docks at the International Space Station to refuel before taking it’s passengers to infinity and beyond…

I only used Photoshop to get the reflection of the halos.

Infinite improbability for the spontaneous appearance of forks in the gravitational field of a rubber duck somewhere near betelgeuse


Not to many entry’s this round.I don’t know who I will vote for yet.

Voted for sornen for the nicely-done HHGTTG reference. :smiley: I also liked kirpre’s take on The House on the Rock’s coolest feature.


Slim pickin’s. I’m going to go with kirpre.

Mpan3 gets my vote, he really made good use of the wire feature in the materials options.

sornen totally wins.

I think sornen captured the concept best… and funniest!

Had to go with mikejedw, great entry! 8)


Voted for mikejedw. Great humor and nice modeling too.
I also loved mpan’s for most beautiful and
Kirpe’s for nice moodiness.
Great blending all.

Voted for Mpan3 because I thought his looked the best. It’s also the most off-topic, but that’s not the point.

EDIT: this is my monkey post, woo! Only took me a couple of years…

Knightmare won my vote.
I don’t know, it just struck a resonant chord somewhere within me…
Very nice work… :smiley:

I’m voting for niknah.

Hey guys, this is my first WC entry, yes I realized now that the picture is a bit off topic, but i didn’t have a complete picture in mind regarding the final results. I just played around with different primitives and materials and came up with this render…

this is looking like a close one this week!

Really cool blends everyone! And thanks all who voted at me, it’s my first WC and I’ve already got 5 votes! W00t!

my vote goes to kirpre, Neat! :slight_smile:

thanks modron! its good to be safe from getting last place!

theeth, you might want to change the heading for the poll. Go Red Sox! (finally) :smiley:

thanks modron! its good to be safe from getting last place![/quote]

I voted for you to

thanks modron! its good to be safe from getting last place![/quote]
I voted for you to[/quote]
great! thanks to you too, and the other person who voted for me!
Now I’m almost 3rd last! :smiley: