Challenge #122 Entries (22/10/04) CLOSED

Theme #122 for 22 october 2004 is: Artifact

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 25 october 2004.

Inside your computer, there are so many files moving around, a few are bound to be cast aside, a forgotten artifact lying forgotten in the dust.

Cool topic, maybe I’ll enter this one.

very tempting.

If I find some time away from my current “mars exporation” project featured in the WIP section of this forum (Hopeless plug %| ), I might give this one a shot.

Possible placeholder

pling. idea. im in.

edit: not enough time to work it out. maybe next time.

Maybe I should get a streak of zero-vote going. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Created in the “Tigers Eye” clan, the lven sword is has great power and magic in it, legends say that only those who’s heart is with the great godess Ahalona, can master this blade, this warrior, chosen by the godess herself, will breake the swarm of the oblivion, and save the elvs from the evil demon lord “Krohar”!

Ooh!! Get ready for a stupid entry! I’m in!

Edit: Heh, didn’t take long…

Rendering Artifacts!

AO, no OSA, an EnvMap… And some flipped normals!

Very tempting. May I’ll enter something this time.

oh yeah, i know what i’m doing.

this is the statues of Easter Island.


While I’m probably not entering (I may have to uninstall blender to actually study this weekend), I have some great ideas… considering I was working on an archaeological dig in Belize this past summer.

4go10soul, you need a much bigger render.

oops…didnt think it’s so small! btw…how do i enlarge it?

Made with blender 2.34 test build. Grass is static particles (no duplies). PP in gimp - to get the DOF effect (the plug-in result was hidious) and to improve grass lighting (very mild yet very effective).

cut n paste - sorry.

C&C are most wellcome.

         Thanks in advance - Aner.

A little puzzle for the archaelogists of the future… (thumb, if above image doesn’t work) (medium) (full)

(my first blending session in months… be gentle ^_^)

Note: Label done in the gimp, everything else is pure blender.

I’m not too happy with this one, but it’s better than nothing. :frowning:

lo blenderheads

for my wcc i wanted to show how the 3310 used to be the most uber phone ever and soon became the mainstream phone however it is now very obsolete and looked down upon, but in the future it will be looked at as the phone that made cell phones popular, or an artifact. :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn’t even time to vote yet, but I already recognize that this is going to be a difficult pick…

I call it “Not Worth a Vote.” Threw it together. or this might work
If that doesn’t work use the first link.

Here’s one from me:

Its called “Blendo’sword”, not too complex but shiny and colorful. :slight_smile:

Wow… nice entries this week!