Challenge #122 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Artifact

Pure Entries

4go10soul [list:dc3c076a7a]
Created in the “Tigers Eye” clan, the lven sword is has great power and magic in it, legends say that only those who’s heart is with the great godess Ahalona, can master this blade, this warrior, chosen by the godess herself, will breake the swarm of the oblivion, and save the elvs from the evil demon lord “Krohar”!

Grass is static particles (no duplies). PP in gimp - to get the DOF effect (the plug-in result was hidious) and to improve grass lighting (very mild yet very effective)

for my wcc i wanted to show how the 3310 used to be the most uber phone ever and soon became the mainstream phone however it is now very obsolete and looked down upon, but in the future it will be looked at as the phone that made cell phones popular, or an artifact. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the statues of Easter Island.

Its called “Blendo’sword”, not too complex but shiny and colorful. :slight_smile:

Here is my entry. I didn’t have time to finish it but here it is.

Rendering Artifacts!

A little puzzle for the archaelogists of the future…

I call it “Not Worth a Vote.” Threw it together.

Wow… nice entries this week!

Inside your computer, there are so many files moving around, a few are bound to be cast aside, a forgotten artifact lying forgotten in the dust.

I’m not too happy with this one, but it’s better than nothing. :frowning:

Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:dc3c076a7a]
An arrowhead. Simple and nonparticipating :wink:


Some nice ones this week, but I think it’s no contest…@ner.

@ner got my vote.

Nice variety of entries :slight_smile:

A good week to all of you,


@ner ( nice particle grass, @ner. )

Yep @ner gets my vote.

Jeeves had the most interesting interpretation of the theme…

but I REALLY voted for…?

i had to go with penitentman. I thought it was a good concept.

I was having trouble deciding between @ner and wiggie… Decided on wiggie since @ner was already getting a number of votes.

A lot of really nice entries this week. You guys are a constant encouragement to me.

Yeah… had a tough time voting between @ner, wiggie, and Gelutu.
I decided to vote for Gelutu though, because I haven’t seen him around before. Doesn’t seem that @ner’s having a difficult time getting votes, tough.

Hmm. Maybe people put should vote on the entry they think is best, not the new guy or someone with less votes?

Quiet you!


Anyway, I thought @ner’s was too basic and didn’t really show much in the way of modelling, and it’s not like it would have been that hard to do. The selling-point of his image is that it has excellent lighting and looks like a finished artwork.

I ended up voting for Idgas because his just seems more relevant and well excecuted than the rest.

I did vote for @ner, but I wish he hadn’t blurred the grass. Also, I can’t help but wonder… who’s been mowing it?

haha… :smiley: well I blurred the grass mainly because it looks very bad in close view… and it’s lighting isn’t very well - that’s the main reason for al the pp. And who mows it? well have you seen that mysterious alian artifect? I think it got somthing to do with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

just for the sake of honesty here is how the pic looks with no pp at all (no dof or lighting and color enhancement):

Many people ask… I think I’ll make a tutorial.

It was hard to choose, Plantperson’s was the most technological, but it easily grabbed the subject.

come on guys! what about me? :-?


I actually really liked your phone artz0r… I think it was probably the best modeled out of all of these. I forgot about it, though, when it came down to voting.

I really liked that sword, though.

Nonetheless, you’ve got, at this point, the most votes besides @ner.
[edit]Whoops… nope, Wiggie’s got the most votes besides @ner. You’re in third right now ;)[/edit]

Haha! 2 votes! Beat my old record!

I had to toss in my vote for PlantPerson. Most unique.

I second that. I agree 100%. If one stands out of the rest by the quality of his work why shouldn’t he stand out from the rest by the number of votes he gathered?
Anyways, my vote went for @ner. Simple and yet very attractive and mysterious. As said earlier, the particle grass is great.
Keep it up.

@ner… you suck…lol… I’m mad because I just finished working on a render with grass in it and its nowhere near what you have in your pic…how the hell do you do that grass?? I think I’ll do a grass study and see if I can perfect my skills in that area.:slight_smile:

by the way, i’m kidding about the " you suck" comment. You’re one of the best blenderers out there:)