Challenge #123 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: oxymoron

Pure Entries

4Daniel [list:61c88fa83f]
Here’s my entry.

have fun with my ‘yellow-red, cubic sphere’

NB: It’s not even an oxymoron. But it is halloween! The two kids are playing with a black light on the sofa, it seems they heard it at school and decided to get one themselves. The message on the wall would not be known about by them or their parents.

Microsoft Works

this is the microsoft keyboard.

I think it would be considered an oxymoron?


bomb made in blender in multiple passes (base, oa, refl, etc)
planet rendered in blender and pasted on in ps
atmospheric effects and bright stars in ps
background stars is a collage/painting in ps

“we come in peace”

Yet another opportunity to take a shot at Microsoft.

My entry for this week: War Games. I picked this image as a chance to play with the particle system a bit. I love the weekend challenge because it gives me an excuse to try new things and get it done by a deadline. Hope you like it.

The car from the series of movies.

‘Braveless Knight’

skating kow
Military Intelligence
“That bridge’ll hold a tank, no problem”


I call it “Little Boy”


nice one Sago. you got my vote.

voted for nikah. Nice modeling!

Catfish: I can never get your webalbums to load properly, and so can never see your images… :frowning:

so many good entries this week, who to vote for, who to vote for…?

oh man this really sucks. i don’t know how to fix it. thanks Gr8RedShark for letting me know.

if any one knows how to fix this let me know please.

Lots of great entries. Liked the microsoft ones. Sago gets my vote, that gopher is soooo cute.

Voted for Kirpre. Good composition and nice contrast of the 2 different ‘worlds’.

voted for sornen, great work

I’m voting for sago. nice characters and lighting.

Sago got mine. Great work!

Hard decision, but Sago takes it.

Even though there is’nt any “orthodox” oxymorons… I voted for sago because of the great execution.

After seeing all the entries and having a hard time deciding I decided I would go with Kirpe (or similar if I got it wrong)

I liked kirpre’s War Games the best, since it adheres pretty closely to the theme and is visually really interesting. Nice work by Sago, though.

P.S. For the U.S. folks out there, don’t forget to vote!

Don’t worry, I have. And Sago got it.
Oh, you mean in the US general election? I voted there too :wink:

Well I voted for Sago also. Very nice image and nice use of blur. But how is it an oxymoron??

But how is it an oxymoron??

That’s a good question, let me think of an answer…


…it’s definitely not a convincing oxymoron like ‘black snow’ or the ‘living dead’. More like a little oxymoron because of what we believe a knight should be: brave, bold and courageous (as in not afraid of a gopher)…
… or something like that.

Thanks for the vote!

no one likes mines?

sago did a very good job but ive voted for jack000 because it has a better oxymoron.

Dont worry. Just because you dont get votes doesn’t mean nobody liked it. It just means its not the one they voted for. … does that make sense??

Any way keep trying