Challenge #124 Entries (05/11/04) CLOSED

Theme #124 for 5 november 2004 is: Ambiguity

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 8 november 2004.

Bah, now I feel silly. I thought a ‘private message’ was something that would be send to my normal email. :frowning:
I discovered the ‘private messages’ on the site just now (in normal life I’m really not an idiot).

About the theme Ambiguity, check some nice examples here:
On the left menu you see more links to more ambiguous art and pictures.

Very sorry for the delay,


I’ll give it a shot

That’s just hearsay :stuck_out_tongue: . Interesting topic.



Placeholder, or is it?

Since I am no good at modelling the stuff used in “ambiguous art,” I went with the interpretation of “doubtfulness” and “uncertainty.” There are four doors, so pick one.

‘Non-participating in voting’ placeholder.


Blender + Yafray + Photoshop (flowertexture)
A different approach of the famous ambiguous ‘1 vase/2 faces’ picture.

From afar it looks like a familiar logo, but up close it’s just a bunch of pots and pans…

I’ll do something if I can. Why did this one open so late?

Why did this one open so late?

Because of my stupidity. I was waiting the whole time for a message from Theeth on my normal email, not knowing the ‘private messages’ can be found on the site after login. :expressionless:

I live in shame… :smiley:

Hi! This is my first Weekend Challenge entry… Is this shop open or closed? - you decide :stuck_out_tongue:

(Apart from title and caption this is Pure Blender.)

Look forward to seeing everyone elses work! :slight_smile: