Challenge #124 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Ambiguity

Pure Entries

BlenderBoy2 [list:b0198de0a5]
Is this shop open or closed? - you decide :stuck_out_tongue:

Jay Eff
Since I am no good at modelling the stuff used in “ambiguous art,” I went with the interpretation of “doubtfulness” and “uncertainty.” There are four doors, so pick one.

From afar it looks like a familiar logo, but up close it’s just a bunch of pots and pans…

Non-Participating Entries

Sago [list:b0198de0a5]
Blender + Yafray + Photoshop (flowertexture)


I had to go with niknah, honestly i think he was the only one the fit the topic(and he did a very good job at that)

Niknah gets my vote. Nice job.

I ahve to agree with the observation that niknah was the only entry that seems to have made an attempt at the topic. I liked JayEff’s entry, but I couldn’t see how it fit the topic.

Ambiguity means doubtfulness and uncertainty, and having many doors without knowing which is the correct one to choose brings on much doubt and uncertainty. That is how it works to the theme. lol

Niknah had the cleanest and and followed the defenition the closest. And only 3 entries, no wonder about the fact so many people didn’t really know what it meant or can’t find ideas.

So many people to choose from! But, yeah, niknah…

Yes, clear as cake. It’s Niknah…

I vote for niknah for the reasons mentioned above.
Jay eff, your entry is cool. I like it. It’s just a bit too clean to my taste. Of course you fit the topic, but you choosed to be loose on your interpretation of it. I always do that too, but when you do so, you have to know you have less chances to win than the others. IMO, your picture is the best in here, but an objective vote should go for the on who fits the topic best.
Keep it up.

I’m voting for JayEff

That’s nice work niknah. Good use of a household item to fit the theme! Personally though I picked Jay Eff’s, its a bit more involving, and has excellent use of reflections imo.

Just wanted to know if my take on the theme is unclear, as no one has voted so far? :-? Please remember this is my first entry as well :slight_smile:

Kansas_15: There wasn’t many entries because there was a mis-communication that caused entries to be delayed until Saturday.

I voted for jayeff for some rather ambiguous reasons, cheif among them the fact that his was the most ambiguous interpretation of the Ambiguity theme, leaving viewers to wonder, “How does this fit the topic?” Nice entries, though, as always.

On a side note, people often complain that the topic for the WC is too specific (hey, it happens), but here I will break new ground and suggest that this week’s theme was too broad…too…ambiguous, if you will. :stuck_out_tongue:


P.S. Try not to take the above too seriously; it is now 9:14 am, way past my bedtime. :-?

I voted, in the end, for niknah. But it was a very difficult choice…
Jay Eff, you did a great job, too. I don’t, as Sago said, think it is as clear as cake. Or wait, maybe it is… because cake isn’t clear at all…

Why so few entries? Because by the time the darn contest opened it was already almost over!!! :<

Thanks to everyone who voted for me here and in the past, after 10+ attempts I may finally get one!

I felt sago’s was the best, I can never seem to get yafray to look “real”, it’s good that the winner can’t win twice :smiley:

For next time I suggest a late finish for a late start.

Winner: niknah with 79% of the votes