Challenge #125 Entries (12/11/04) CLOSED

Theme #125 for 12 november 2004 is: Genetically Modified Food

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 15 november 2004.

Hmm… Perhaps a placeholder is in order…


Where did all my time go? Anywho, here’s my unfinished entry.

Placeholder I’m going to have a crack at this beast.

Sounds like a good topic.

btw, Is there any use saying placeholder these days? I’ve noticed that the entries seem to be alphabetically ordered now.

You wouldn’t want to break tradition, would you, Wiggie?

plalaplanthololdeeeeeer (genetified plantholder :wink: )

Placeholder, I’ll see what I can brew up.

Yeeeeessssssss… bwahahahahahahar. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I mean, placeholder me, or at least something that inherits placeholder genes or something.

That’s a hard one. Maybe I’ll enter after a long time no-Blender.
It’s difficult to make it look like if it’s modified.

Placeholder, please.

EDIT (Mon Nov 15, 2004 9:58 pm):

Title: Showfood
Pure entry (Blender + Yafray), unless a plane fabric-texture from internet makes it open.

EDIT nr.2 (sorry for late entry):

Title: Showfood
Pure entry (Blender + Yafray), unless a plane fabric-texture from internet makes it open.
It’s 1100 x 880 size, if you like to know.

I might find some time to make a comeback :slight_smile:
Possible placeholder



pure entry

placeholder :smiley:

I’m not really pleased with it, but in the given timeframe…
I call it “Huge genetically altered seeds being driven to the market in a huge old truck”><

We shall see.

plantholder. Will try if I find some time.


BTW, are you aloud to composite 2 images together with a gradient in the gimp?

If you 2 images are done in blender yes, but using gimp to composite the 2 would make your entry open.


well, im extremely new at these, but i’ve already got mine done, so i spose im in the contest(do i say placeholder or something ?) anyways,

here’s a link to the image

its called “berry’s from hell” (something that a mad scientist might think of i imagine)

this image has a tiny bit of post processing in gimp (blurring and brightness)

here is my entry:
the Blendorange
hey Mom what the crap is this?!
edit: oh yeah and its all blender