Challenge #125 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Genetically Modified Food

Pure Entries

Adilim [list:14449f8c6b]
isn’t it annoying to have unused space on the slice of toast?
try out the new cubic ‘Adilim GM-Tomatos ®’ :slight_smile:

The future of milk production

I call it “Huge genetically altered seeds being driven to the market in a huge old truck”


Now people of all climates can enjoy the potassium-filled crunch of a banapple! (banana-apple hybrid) :wink:

Where did all my time go? Anywho, here’s my unfinished entry.

Kid A
the Blendorange

Free-Range XEMPs (Xenomorphic Enhanced Meat Producers):

The day that the public accepts GM food is the day that…

“berry’s from hell”

Here’s mine; a Robo-Orange-Spider :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t even thinking of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes when I made this… I swear!

Showfood (blender + yafray)



I voted for Sago.
I don’t quite get how his genetically modified meatballs manage to grow in a fried state… either that, or they were specially modified to live after being cooked.
But it’s great.

It was a really tough choice between him and mikejedw.

Mine was unfinished and crappy. I simply couldn’t be bothered. Don’t know who to vote for yet.

I decided to go with mikejedw; I love the mood, and especially the touch with the mist 8).


Lots of good entries this week, well done everyone. I love them cross-eyed peas, and the udder challenged cow. mmmm banana-apple fruit sounds tasty. Being a meat-eater :wink: I voted for mikejedw.

i voted for myself…since no one else will :]

Some nice entries, but as I see it Sago is head and shoulders above the field. Great characters and look to the scene.

Nephets, work hard, learn and earn votes, it’s considered bad form to vote for yourself (even if yours is the best).

Lotsa tomatoes this time. :smiley:

Voted for Carnivore though, a nice shot from a nice angle. A typicall day of a ‘huge-seeds-transporting-truckdriver’…

My vote goes to sago. Those things are as funny as hell.

-edit- Yargh! Thanks, sago :smiley: (no connection)

Sago, top notch stuff and concept… damn you :slight_smile:

Really nice texturing/materials on the foodstuffs, love the meatballs!
Well done!


I went for sago. great piece.

Voting for sago. There were other good ones, but I like the humor, and the cartoon style. Nice.

I thought mikejedw showed a lot of skill and hard work put into his. Good work.

Sago got my vote too… Brilliant! You should make an animation!

Damn you Sago! Stealing all the votes with your TALENT and HARD WORK! :slight_smile:

i’ve voted for obiwans photo :wink:

great job, sago. :slight_smile:
You got my vote.

I liked Sago’s. It made me laugh. I love all the expressions. I also liked Carnivore’s, but it didn’t make me laugh, so I voted for Sago.

mikejedw’s wasn’t up to the usual quality of his renders. The objects looked stuck together and uninteresting.

I voted for sago, good concept, good fun. Mikejedw’s looked great though. Well done all.

Oh man… zero votes?
That’s okay, Sago’s is definetly the best.
Next time I’ll include a thumbnail though :wink: