Challenge #125 Voting CLOSED

I voted for Jeeves! What an awesome render! :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s really modest too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted early for Sago :slight_smile: Glad to see lots more people liked that render.

Congratulations to everyone for another good wc.


… euhm … sorry?
I’ve been damned twice! :frowning:

Oh wait, 2 smilies… must be a good thing! :smiley:

Thanks for the replies and votes soo far. I’m just very happy the Blendering is going really well (for a beginner and noob like me).
Maybe I should try to work a little longer on a piece, but for now these WC’s are great practice for me.

See y’all later,

Thnx for whomever voted for me…

My vote goes to carnivore. Great truck!!

I vote adilim, I thinks it’s the most in the subject…
Even if I prefer, the sago technical release. :Z

So greats jobs…

Should I add that that motion blur took 10 hours to render :wink: ?

Should I add that that motion blur took 10 hours to render :wink: ?

Ooh, almost as much as the 11,5 hours rendering for my little-reflections-and-some-DOF-picture. :smiley:

soooo long since last time I could visit Elysiun, fella’s!

I voted I__, even if there are many flaws and enhancements to be brought in his work, it has a good sense of composition and a subtile sens of humour. I really liked it and hope to see it with better textures once in a time.

Congratulations, Sago, BTW! :wink:

So sorry but I must leave. Don’t know when I’ll be able to come back on Elysiun next time…

Good work, all! :slight_smile:

Who said that genetic engineering was risk free?

Excellent work everyone - lots of entries which made me laugh. There’s some very creative thinkers here.

mikejdw - thats a scary image (excellent render too) - think I might go vegetarian

and adilim… when can we expect to see these tomatoes in the shops?

my vote went to shul - seemed to capture the clinical fantasy / reality(?) of genetic engineering. Great materials, textures, dof and lighting.

Winner: Sago with 43% of the votes

Congrats to all!