Challenge #126 Entries (17/11/04) CLOSED

Theme #126 for 19 november 2004 is: Living objects

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 22 november 2004.

First post ;).

I’m in! I won’t miss this one.

Here is mine:

I was a bit in a hurry, so it can use some improvement, but I don’t have any time left.
Nevertheless, I hope you like it.

“Still Life”

Might repost a new render when I get home, but I’m pretty much okay with this one.

I’m thinking bird…to go along with the animation challenge.
The Lamp Plant


I need to blow the cobwebs off my Blender skills. Maybe a good opportunity. It’s been to long. I’ll see what I can come up with. Placeholder.

edit: Weekend went to crap…no time. Maybe next week.

Here’s mine: Stump Face

I guess I’ll give it a shot, good luck all :slight_smile:

My entry: Futuristic AIBO eat their own.
Click here for larger image.

Pure blender entry, GIMP 2.1 used to resize/convert to jpg.

(If none of that works for you, the base url is


I might enter.

Edit: Nope, no time, finals killed my chance.

Interesting, wether or not i’ll enter will depend on what I feel like doing and such.

do you mean… like… walking chaires and flying spoons or somthing of that sort?.. :o muse! I’ve got I’m in!

Hmm, if I can think of something I’m in. Can’t wait to try the new modelling tools on a real project!


I think I has the idea!

Edit: Laziness cancels out my placeholder.


I have an idea that might work.

Title: Living Room ( :wink: )

Pure unless getting textures from the internet makes it open?
Done :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Every thing is alive. Story is this live.

Full size:

Name:Is plane live?

I used bitmap image as background… Is this picture pure? I don’t know.

Render is Blender Internal