Challenge #127 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Haunted House

Pure Entries

cipix [list:ebb24a98d2]
Oh no! Not again !

Here’s mine, 100% Blender (and 100% new stuff too )


if you look closely you can see a face in the light. You have to look really really closely icon_razz.gif but it is there.

haunted mushroom


Haunted Household.


Open Entries

AntiChrome [list:ebb24a98d2]
I was building it for the Elysiun City thread, but work seems to have stopped there. Finally found here a good use.
Hope you guys like it.

‘Loyal servant’
Blender + Yafray + Photoshop.

Non-Participating Entries

[og]GrYpHoN [list:ebb24a98d2]


i am going with sago. very nice. there were other notable ones, and it was a tough decision, but in the end i am partial to the toons.

duskblue: What a great render. A little more detail and I think you could have won this one.

Sago: As I said in your finished work thread, just a great character and a great piece.


went with sago. Nice work

Hmm sago might win even though his is open. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sago’s is great and so is Cipix’s with his unusual 2-D render for blender. Shard and antichrome are also very good… IMHO :wink:

I went with TiZeTo, I think that the concept and materials were briliant.

A close second is Sago, but its an open entry, and the rules say you should pick an open entry only if there is no pure entry you like

all entries were cool, though

the rule is that if it’s a toss up between an open and a pure you should select the pure.

My vote went for Sago. Awesome scene. AntiChrome comes close second. Great mood.
Good job all.

All sago has done is use a little photoshop. Who cares if its open… the fact is his image still rocks

Uh… maybe they could have wrote that rule in big bold letters at the top of the post… because I liked Cipix image too, but I voted for Sago (his image was really my favorite :smiley: )

BgDM : I know I should have add more details, but I wasn’t really inspired so I worked slowly, and after I was afraid not to finish on time. :-?

:smiley: I voted cipix, i like that work a lot!
Anyway, making a choice has been quite difficult.
There are many good works in the callenge!

I had to go with the flourescent worm in the haunted mushroom.

Haunted mushroom?!? :o


hey all, finaly a weekend with some better images :stuck_out_tongue:
the 3 best:
cipix: cool style, simple but good :smiley:
AntiChrome: spooky house :wink: a bit grey. (and not specially made for this contest?)
Sago: good scene, textures

(and duskblue (those bats could better, but I like the one behind the window :D.)

Here you go Sago :smiley:


nice work everyone

my vote went to cipix - great picture, very funny. even the cactus is scared

Nothing against cipix, they both are good, but Sago’s is the best one :-?

Grython’s image seems to be the most haunting so I voted for him.

A lot of great work this week, and I’m not just saying that to be polite. Went with duskblue. I love that styling. Props to Sago and Shard.

Hey Shard, the face in the light, I think I see it. Is it kind of cartoony with blood dripping from the mouth or am I going crazy? I also think the moon is trying to steal my pants. Maybe I am going crazy.

thanks for the kind reply. I am sorry to say I dont think that is the face. On the other hand you have to watch out for that moon :stuck_out_tongue: .


The fact is that if he hadn’t used Photoshop, his ghost probably wouldn’t look like a ghost.

It was a good image but I went with cipix.