Challenge #13 Entries (9 August 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

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Theme #13 for 9 August 2002 is: medieval
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 12 August 2002.

imgranpaboy has provided some additional info:

There are no changes to the rules (found here: )

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Good luck!

(PILER) #2

>8)- first reply woo

(ray_theway) #3

I call this Siegeworks.

Pure Made all in Blender. I did use the l-system script for the lightning and RipSting’s grass script for the grass. The stone texture is from the Texturing a Castle tut.

(scrappy) #4

i call him “Evil from the Times” i decided to give him reddish eyes at the last miniut. i didn’t like the blue too much, made him seem friendly;)


my first idea was to make a magic crystal ball with a scene in it with a castle and a dragon or two, but as created it i was thinking carnival fortune teller :-? i actually got it near finished, too bad two entries aren’t allowed…

([email protected]) #5

I AM SOOOOOO in on this one lol
cracks knuckles and prepares for the task ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ecks) #6

I will try to be in this time so…here is my place holder!

[/edit]sorry by watching the other work here (nishing I hate you already) I decide to delete my placeholder (this is also because I dont have time for that check out my current work at and tr to find what I am making![edit]

(SL_Ric_Olie) #7


Mostly mesh editing with subdivide and extrusions. Some volumetric light. Upper right-hand corner done in PSP to reduce file size. Textures are almost all procedural because I ran out of time to make decent textures. I’m burying this thing after today.

And nishin, I wish I could be as “bored” as you. :stuck_out_tongue:

(blengine) #8

scrappy that really rocks man!

(nerddogs) #9

This is a characher I use to draw for my school newpaper back in the mid 80’s. Pure Took about 3 hours today. This is "Bambi the Barbarian "

For the big jpg, copy and paste this:

(LohnS) #10

hmm, late entry here, sunday night at the moment and i have until monday night cause the last 8 hours of the comp i’m going to be asleep.


(d52477001) #11

This is a picture of the mystical sword stuck in the rock with all kinds of magic happening around it.

This entry is completly Pure The textures are all procedural except that of the building wall and roof.

Good luck everyone!!!

(nishin) #12

What’s cookin’?


I was sitting here, bored, so I figured I might as well do something productive. Turned out like this:

take care

(@ce) #13

Nishing you ass…you totally screwed my chance at winning this week :stuck_out_tongue:

great entry :slight_smile:
and all the others are amazing…

ok this is my Pure entry, modelled and renderred in blender.

this is the link to a bigger picture

Hot Hot HOT!!

(SGT Squeaks) #14


This is a pic of a dragons skull. Most of it was made in blender. But enough of it was done in wings that I decided it should be open. I wanted to spend more time on fixing the creases and adding a good texture, but I’ve spent all the time I can spare on it.

and here is the link to the full pic.

(lizard809) #15

here’s my entry

i call it Baby Dragon

it’s pure, i made the whole thing for the contest, starting on saturuday

link for fullsize

(Dani) #16

Late placeholder, weee 10 hours 'til finish,
okay, i’ll speed up!


(BgDM) #17

Here is my contribution for this week. It is an ancient slain warrior laying where he fell beside the castle after a battle.

Pure Done about 90-95% in Blender. The skullmodel I had for along time on my machine. Don’t remember where I got it from. The background image is a Terragen image placed in the Backbuff. The rest is all Blender.

Nice work by everyone so far. Nishin, that is one wicked render.

Good luck to all.


(ScottishPig) #18

The tip-top mideval (mediaeval) weaponry. quick to model, texture and render— 100% Blender, pure.

(Goofster) #19

W00T! I made this entry in 10 minutes. I think all of you got the wrong topictitle or something…


link for the full version:

(Dani) #20

Just one speedy blur on the foreground…
in case tiscali wants to show the thumb:

edit: All pure now! wee! in time! that was crazy!
edit: don’t forget to update cache!