Challenge #133 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Storm

Pure Entries

s7726 [list:656054b690]
My first non tutorial blend, I don’t think it came out that bad.

Open Entries

pamtango [list:656054b690]
“Sword Storm”

The storm begins


Not much to pick from this week, but I went with Sonix, because it is the only one that really brings a storm to mind. His image in currently timing out, but I saw it in the WIP thread.

Alternate link as my site seems to be down.



Incase geocities goes down for bandwidth:


I voted for sonix. If I did not know the theme was Storm, I would not understand the other two.


i don’t understand the first two, either, so my vote is going to sonix.

Wow, I could have won!! My one chance . . .


Mine, “Sword Storm”, is actually from an animation/video that I’ve been working on - that’s why it’s an open entry. though it was made entirely with Blender.
I probably should have posted as a WIP, but the theme tempted me to show here.

Obvious with only 3 entries, it was a hard topic. I could’ve entered but I didn’t know exactly how to make good clouds with a mesh.

Heh, I’m suprised no-one went for a rendering of the soda that was dubbed Storm.

“Heh, I’m suprised no-one went for a rendering of the soda that was dubbed Storm.”

…or the X-Man (Woman?) named Storm… :wink:

well, obviously she’s a woman, but she’s a member of the X-Men… so… X-Woman? :S

sonix is that a terragen sky? if so, definately one of the better ones. nice job. got my vote.

Winner: sonix with 87% of the votes



It was a close one, but you pulled through in the last second, sonix :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pick a good topic)

Congrats to sonix, your link wasn’t working for a while and I was hoping for a smaller turn out, but when your link came up I knew I had lost, Great Job.

I realize mine kinda sucked, I was mostly hoping i would win by a default with the low early turn out, hehe.

Check out the WIP topic about mine, I improved it quite a bit after, although it could still use work. C&C always Welcome.



Modron, it’s a photograph. I’ve started to make a collection of sky photos, which will be online soon for everyone to use.

Sent Theeth new theme, ‘Concept cars’ .

Good luck to all this weekend.