Challenge #134 Entries (14/01/05) CLOSED

Theme #134 for 14 january 2005 is: Concept cars

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 january 2005.

Tha’t’s simple, just make an ugly peugeot and you will win :stuck_out_tongue:

This might be a fun one to enter…

I’ve never tried a car (although I’ve wanted to for a while), I guess this is a good excuse - placeholder.

I really hope I have the time for this one…

Edit: And I do!

I feel that this car has no need for the following luxuries: Doors, trunk, hood, exhaust, wipers, seatbelts, pedals, 8-track player, and engine.

Pure, unless you count the text in Photoshop.

Man, been a couple months since I’ve even glanced at blender. Felt good to blend again.

Here’s my hovermower…

pure blender

here’s mine…

I know it’s a late entry but he’s mine.

[edit] - oops forgot to state my entry is pure %|

Concept car

Pure Blender, internal renderer.