Challenge #136 Entries (28/01/05) CLOSED

Theme #136 for 28 january 2005 is: Before and After

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 31 january 2005.

Oooh! This looks cool! :o
I don’t think I’ll be able to enter, though. :frowning:
This post was made before the entries, though.

place holder
i have more time this weekend so i’m shooting for 1 vote



I didn’t find enough time to finish my entry for this wc.

Best wishes to everyone in the WC.


no time–but hopefully I can pull a few hours out of nothing.

maybe placeholder.



Here is my entry for this week’s contest:

“The Clockmaker”
This image is looking at before and after in the world of time keeping. Hope you like it.



this sounds cool!

Jimi Hendrix was playing through my mind while blending this ( i couldn’t find the cd!)

the water and sand are procedural and the sky is a picture I took with my digital camera (world set to match for water rendering). The seagull was from the original sky pic but was added after in PS during image composition. Don’t vote because of the seagull!

Here is my entry:

Jimi Hendrix was playing through my mind while blending this…

I have to work Or I would do this WC.I was goint to make a before and after of a skiny and really fat guy.and the skinny guy would be sad(before) and the fat guy happy(after) :stuck_out_tongue:

Gruesome pet treatment: