Challenge #140 Entries (25/02/05) CLOSED

Theme #140 for 25 february 2005 is: On the water

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 february 2005.


Pure Blender except for the sky of course.

You mean a cup? A vase? A jug? A bath? A swimming pool? Be more specific! :smiley:

oh damn…if i have seen this before i could use my sword on an island! but the rules are against it right?

I didn’t have much time, but I did it anyway. It’s a Viking Longship.

The entry is Pure, as everything was done in Blender except for the sky and water.

This is my first contest entry so I really don’t know what to expect.


I have an idea for a really stupid entry… I’m in!

Out there! On the Water! They’re flying towards us!

Made in about an hour and a half, most of the time spent on the water (which ironically you can barely see due to the mist) as I’ve never done water before.
(btw, they are actually hovering, but I consider it the same idea as when a human is running, we’re running on the ground, even though we may not be touching it all the time! =P)

Been a while since I did one of these.
Pure Blender, glow plugin

heeey…an idea! a song by Deep Purple: smoke on the water"! yeah! i’m gonna do that! if only i knew how to make somoke…oh well…i’ll try!

well its been a while since I have done anything but I have an idea so place holder :smiley:

Due to problems with blender I will not be able to enter the contest :frowning:

Please, rescue me!

Higher resolution Image

(I showed the duck in another elysiun forum some days ago. I hope this is no problem with the rules.)


Is it allowed to use picture what i made some time ago? Sorry if it is not allowed.

THe point of weekend challenge is t odo something new, as far as i know yes it has to be new.

First ever W/C for me



It would make your entry OPEN.