Challenge #15 Entries (23 August 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

Theme #15 for 23 August 2002 is: space
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 25 August 2002.

There are still no changes to the rules (found here: )

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix is still available for all your entry formatting/validation needs.

As always, Good luck!

(B-headed) #2


everything blender…nothing else

(Ecks) #3

WOW I am the first that post his entry!!

I named it: Destruction of our space! (the explosion at the back is a supernova)

The only postprocessing is those white light coming from the explosion:
800x600 image:
640x480 image:

if you want a bigger/smaller version send me a pm
edit:If some of you know freespace2…I was inspire by the endgame!

(LohnS) #4

Heres my Pure entry, its an underworld high commanding officor who is rebelling against the evil of the underworld which has taken over earth, he is being persued by satan after freeing slaves, all he can do now is escape, deaper and deaper into the space of hell. Its mostly for this contest and mostly blender. Except for a bit of compositing in Photoshop.

this one was fun to make =D

(billythekid) #5

Blender goes into orbit with the new Blender Open-source Space Station!
By Billy the Kid Goat
[ I lost my goat in the cruel username cull of 2002]
copy + paste
It’s worth it! :wink:
Oh, plus it’s 100% pure Blender, with b.o.s.s. texture in gimp and earth textures courtesy of “J.H.T.'s planetary pixel emporium”

(@ce) #6

Pure…and eh…I suggest you duck…those lasers burn!

(macouno) #7

Captain she’s gonna blow!

Pure My very first attempt at DOF motion blur sorta like. Completely blender, completely new models and all, well apart from the tiny text at the bottom. I put that in with paintshop but I think that’s forgiven :wink:

ectizen was friendly enough to point out that my image was too large… over 300kb… so I made a smaller render, with a few little adaptations, like as in without stars actually floating in front of the planet hehehe

(pofo) #8

Well, here’s mine. Glad I finally finished something for the WC again :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

Oh, this is a pure entry by the way (can’t you tell).

(Ecks) #9

can we post our entry and then update it tomorrow?

(@ce) #10

You may update till the topic closes…just remember…when it’s a tied, the one posted earlier will win

(ectizen) #11

If the votes are tied, the entry with the earlier entry message time will win.
An entry message’s time is the time it was posted, unless it’s been edited/updated, in which case the time of the last edit becomes the entry message’s time.

Also remember that when updating, you are required to give your new entry a new filename/URL. This serves two purposes. First, it means that there shouldn’t be any problems with old versions of the entry displayed from peoples’ web browser caches. And second, it means that the entry message must be updated to reflect the change in filename/URL, giving a more accurate time for the entry message.

Hopefully, this makes sense :slight_smile:

Oh, and updates are permitted after entry submissions close, but they’ll be ignored for voting :wink:

(Cativo) #12

…hum, …PLACEHOLDER! I’ll post tomorrow…it’s not Pure though, it’s Open…just getting new textures and fixing stuff…some of you migth’ve seen it before…

(Andy Goralczyk) #13

ok here’s my entry it’s
PURE [everything blender, all new modells and slightly postprocessed]
i put the image and the thumbnail on this page.

this is an image of a space station being hit by asteroids.


(Ecks) #14

what is the normal resolution for a thumbnail? sorry I knwo this is not the place to ask it…scuse

(cgi_redneck) #15


(ectizen) #16

Personally, I prefer a longest dimension of 120. For example, I’d give a 640x480 image a 120x90 thumbnail, and a 512x640 image would get a 96x120 thumbnail. That said, others seem to prefer something larger, sometimes much larger.
When I next update the rules, I think I’m going set a limit on thumbnail sizes - maximum longest dimension of about 200.

You now have an answer, so I guess this is a fine place to ask :wink:

(ScottishPig) #17

Placeholder. I smell a spaceship coming.

(pofo) #18

I usually render on 25% of preview size, no reason other than that it’s quick to do :wink:

(nerddogs) #19

Pure with a little Photoshop for some of the text and the blender texture cd.


(SGT Squeaks) #20

Here is my entry

EVERYTHING WAS MADE IN BLENDER BUT A SMALL PART OF THE SHIP . Enought that I felt it should be open.

here is a link to a larger Image.

Its a space ship on a distant planets surface. The design of the space ship was created friday by a friend and co-worker of mine named Brian Prince. Here is a link to his website. And everything was modeled today by me.