Challenge #151 Entries (20/05/05) CLOSED

Theme #151 for 20 may 2005 is:big,bigger,biggest

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 may 2005.

Oh, that sounds like a fun topic… should I? could I?

Mwahhh, I better try to finish school… :frowning:

hey there’s my topic finally :slight_smile: im looking forward to your renders :smiley:

I’ve got some extra time, why not? Placeholder.


My pure entry:


Probably too busy, but placeholder.


done… well, not quite… but the rest of the time i’ll be gone so yeah this is what i got so far. hope it works

it would have been awesome to be able to have lit it better and add other stuff

Homework, Study, sleep…Homework, Study, blender.

Placeholder if I don’t fall asleep on the keyboard.

Well, looks like I fell asleep…


Still no ideas but…placeholder :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, GOOD topic Job! Very inspiring(or depressing, depending on wether or not you can think of something)

thx bicmatic, hopefully thisone is somewhat easier than the last one :wink:

Going to try, time permitting.


Here’s my Weekend Challenge entry…

Title: “Licka-T-s**t”

Class: Pure
Click the picture

This is my first entry into any contest here (actually anywhere on the web).

Here is my pure entry:


A “PURE” entry, by definitions. The background was a bit boring so I blurred it a bit. I kinda lost sight of what I was doing after the 30 mins…


Inspired by the topic title, “Les 3 Glaces”, which I don’t know if it had anything to do with ice-creams.

I guess the weekend challange must have been at the back
of my mind.

reply 6

hope its usefull. allso my screen layout; to be continued.

Cheers Bogey.

Im sorry that I forgot to say “this shouldent be considered as
an entry”. I thought it might help with the judging. “joke!”
Seriously though, would having perhapse a contestant design
new default blender object serving the same purpose be a
good idea. Hasent this been suggested allready.

I had a great idea to model the piece of cake from Alice in Wonderland… but again… I didn’t even really get started…

Look i’ve just started the concept sketch! What, I’m late ? :o
:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hehe, I knew I would’nt have the time to make and entry, but I had this idea in my mind so i started drawing it (if anyone like the idea and think that can be done in blender before the challenge end, feel free to use this idea :wink: )

Maybe could be considerer as a “Non-serious non-participating entry” ? <j/k> ehehehe

or perhaps a “real-fun-stuff non-participating entry” :slight_smile:

Yeah, the concept sketching is always fun to do (except I don’t do it much for Blender, just for other 2D-stuff).
I’m a very slow modeler, so I couldn’t make it in time. But the question is: how fast are you?

Here’s my entry, pure blender.

Non-participating entry

Each generation springs forth from its predecessors, growing bigger, and hopefully better…


Pure Blender 2.36. Around 15 minutes of Blending with this one :wink: