Challenge #152 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Futuristic Architecture

Pure Entries

aquaglow [list:276650bec9]
Not much time this weekend but I wanted to submit something.

Reach for the Stars

the city of the future, year 2236 (made in 2 days)

Here’s my entry for this week, a future incarnation of the famed World Trade Center:

city of the future!

“High into the clouds”

<no text>

Foreground mine, world outside the windows was stolen from the web.

Open Entries

sornen [list:276650bec9]
Seacity: This is a composite not sure if this counts as open or pure.

OPEN because it’s not finished and the crappy background is my City Light render


Always love to be first to post and to vote. I voted for Elrond. In close second was job. The likeness to Cloud City is what won me over. Real nice entries this week.


two years later

oooooooooo!! I missed the deadline… Ah heck, I’ll just post my supposed-to-be entry here to satisfy myself, if you guys don’t mind.

Now… who to vote for… looks through entries

EDIT: I vote for Elrond, as I was touched by the surrealism and mysterious feel. It also says “future” pretty well. All the entries rock though, sadly I only get one vote, haha. Good job guys!

though x-warriors was a consideration, i decided to go with job.
<edit> hey pixelsage, bummer man, that’s a nice render.

Seems in the future all cities will have some sort of track transportation. Its in 3 of the entries if you count Pixel Sage’s, which by the way is really good.

Haha thanks guys. I actually decided to enter today after looking at the theme. Spent 3-4 hours modeling, then a heck of a long time rendering. I guess I should have looked at the deadline more closely… thought it’d be due at 11PM pacific time.

Next time!

I voted for Modron, as despite being untextured I thought he had some cool concepts for building designs.

I voted for Elrond even though the city could of been made of something other than cubes, I liked the lighting, colours and the overall feeling.


great entries this week to eveyone.

my vote goes to job: 5 stars, 4 thanks for the new desktops, 3 how the #@$% did you do thats, 2 insperationals, and 1 if the topic you choose for next week is easy, i’ll consider submitting somethings :smiley:

Good job, Job! Voted for you.

so many votes for me? :o wow thanx :smiley:

Thanks to my two minions who voted to me, how easily you fell to my evil plan! We shall rule the world, and all shall worship Blender! :smiley: mwahaha

Voted for XW.

I do not think it’s open at all, and it’s the highest quality af all entries (which are all good).

  1. Not finished? that’s relative.
  2. Background is from you, that’s more pure than any other background, which is usually still pure.

Only the perspective could match better.

hey Nico your reaction has effect :wink:

hmm 14 votes for me?.. hmm ok…

I’d personally give victory to Elrond or Modron. Modron got the full scene down and is quite well modelled. The lack of texture is just a minor issue (hell I don’t have texture either…) and even if Elrond doesn’t have the most detailled model either, he represented what he wanted really nicely and with a great atmohsphere around it! The lighting is quite good.

i can’t promise you a topic yet, ask Elrond for a nice topic :wink:

hey i’m up to three votes, don’t count me out yet! :Z

i voted for x-warrior. while the foreground building isn’t as well done as the background image, it is still amazing work given the limited timeframe.

when is the new topic going to be announced? i was hoping to participate but tonight was my largest block of free time this weekend. the rules say thurs night but has it changed to friday?

Winner: Elrond with 31% of the votes



Oh cool. The first time I have won the weekend challenge! Thanks to all which voted for me!

I agree that the city in my picture needs some more details. I was unable to do that. What the picture rescues is the lighting. I’m quite happy with that.

Good luck to all for the next challenge. I hope you like the topic I suggested.