Challenge #153 (03/10/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #153 for 10 June 2005 is: Advertising

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 13 June 2005.


Cool topic.

A probable commercialholder.

Count me out. Too busy weekend and out of idea’s for the moment.

Ads in the City

One of my better images, but still not fantastic I’m afraid.


EDIT:Ough…no time…

Don’t know. :expressionless:
It’s just… not the same without Theeth.


probable place holder…

edit: nope nevermind… didnt have the time to do this one…

I think this falls into the “open” category as my main focus is the billboard, and I did most of that work in Gimp. The atmosphere I was looking to acheive was a surreal black and white, with a slight enhancement of color on the billboard.

That said, all other objects in the render are pure blender. No post processing.

I managed to get something done.

“Animal Advertising”

Pure entry.


Here’s mine
Click on thumbnail for full view.

No worries, BgDM is just filling in (thanks to him for that) when I’m busy with other stuff, so you guys can still get a contest in time. :slight_smile:



here is my pure entry, no yafray and others, and models 100% original from the latest 10 hours. Only a touch on the black text with PS.
“Eau de merde” means in french something like this: water of shit, or shit’s water.
Is a joke about the clearness of all of the advertising on parfums or deluxe products.
Hope you like it.

my superbly late and nonparticipating entry…