Challenge #155 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: UFO

Pure Entries

4go10soul [list:ecde89ef99]
just so you’ll feel good with yours :slight_smile:

I swear no illicit substances were involved in the creation of this image!

Well, only had time to work on this today, which explains the crappiness

I started with blender today! (composition)
My entry, still not completely happy with the “object’s” trail, but short of figuring out particles, this turned out OK.

Here’s mine, pure blender + gimp (for putting it in the “scene”) (composition)

Here’s my entry. It was made completely in blender.

Fligh %
Pure Blender

Here’s my entry:

here’s my UFO image (alot of compositing entries btw )

Starship Giger

Unidentified Flying Love

Unidentified Frying Object

A small loss
Dedicated to Billy “Bass Wolf” from punk rock band Guitar Wolf; they lived and loved Rock ‘n’ Roll, beer and UFO.

Well, I didn’t made a placeholder but here comes my pure entry.

Heres my UFO lol… been a long time since I played with blender, but still as fun as it always was

OK, the grass is wierd, but I think the rest is almost like I thought it should be…

Open Entries

Job [list:ecde89ef99]
here’s my animation, a high resolution still will come tomorrow


Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:ecde89ef99]
Some retro sci-fi treatment of UFOs and aliens…


man this one is to hard to decide… i have it down to blenergetic, lohnc and job… but i cant decided yet… ill vote tomorrow.

great work on every entry here

damnet what a nice entries :slight_smile:

Congratz LohnC for winning this contest lol :slight_smile:

For me, it was a toss-up between Sago and Blenergetic. It was a difficult choice, but I ended up voting for Sago’s entry. Well done. :slight_smile:

Lemmy got my vote, interesting interpretation.

That one looks really nice LohnC, but how much post processing did you have to do to get that “painting” type effect? Or is that some super material tweeking within blender itself?

Pen you got my vote lol… I love it… :slight_smile:

A lot of participants this week. A tough decision. I like Blenergetic’s pic, I am not sure why, probably because the lighting looks good.

I voted for penitentman, being that a flying saucer was what I had espected from most people before the contest ended, so something quirky like penitentman’s thing appealed to me.

I like a lot Blenergetic and Sago’s images. very good “light” and composition.
But… I voted for Ammusionist because I couldn’t help but laught when I saw his image :smiley:

really nice all of them look cool

Excellent and inspiring work LohnC, you got my vote!

Many good entries here. Nice turnout this time around! I was hoping that would be the case when I picked this theme :slight_smile:


blenergetic, what happened to the other pic you showed in chat? it was much better…


i failled the death line.

–They fear the Humans–

Basse, that was a continuation of what I had when I submitted the WC image :slight_smile: (or rather, a totally different scene with just the UFO’s left).

You can see that image in the Focused Critique forum.

I just voted for Blenergetic. Great piece. The colours, the composition, just great. Very static, but also threatening in some sort of way.

To the other blenderheads: good work all! :wink:


Ps. A good work will be rewarded with votes. There can be no other way. But is that really so?
To all the new voters out there: watch out for Rock ‘n’ Roll…

Ok folks, here’s the deal. Cheating in the Weekend Challenge WILL be discovered. People (well, 1 person under a dozen nicknames) was voting for himself AND entered the challenge two times under an alias. This caused us a LOT of trouble and the person’s nickname and alias have been deleted. if you’re reading this: boohoo, get lost.

To the rest: don’t let this discourage you from entering in the weekend challenge. Remember, if you suspect someone of cheating, please tell a moderator and we will investigate.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderator.


Sago’s picture is the best

I didn’t CHEAT! all i’m trying to do i sto blend and have som fun. I was nice to MY BROTHER BuTTeR and gave him a vote because it made him happy.
And now he and I are banned for cheating because I think we’re sitting on the same IP, please guy I didn’t CHEAT!

I was torn between blenergetic and Sago, so I’m glad to see the race so close.

I think I’m in the running more because of the “idea” of my piece, rather than actual quality, but votes are always encouraging regardless! :slight_smile:

Congrats Penitentman! :wink:

Hope to see more of your work (like this) in the future; if you’re able to get your humor and the quality of the image on an even higher level, it will be priceless.