Challenge #16 Entries (30 August 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

Theme #16 for 30 August 2002 is: natural disasters [tornados, tidal waves, huricanes, lightnings]
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 2 September 2002.

The rules (found here: ) have been updated. It would be a good idea to re-read them, if you haven’t lately. The main changes include a requirement that entries must be JPEG files (in honour of theeth & GemaRastem), and a file size limit for thumbnails (15kB, but 5kB is preferred).

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix is available for all your entry formatting/validation/official timekeeping needs.

Good luck!

(darkbyrd) #2


[edit]I’m gonna have to drop out for this weekend. Too busy and shits. peace out, and good luck. looking forward to seeing the great entries.[/edit][

(LohnS) #3

placeholder, w00t!

(Ecks) #4

I dont think I will get votes on this one but it was really fun to make! :slight_smile:

It take me about 45 min (or less… :-? ) to make it…
it is PURE

(B-headed) #5


(Goo) #6


3-day weekend!!


(theeth) #7

yay! a rule made (partly) because of me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I can do something quick, but I’m away all week end :-?


(Cativo) #8

Placeholder! “Do or do not there is no try”…I’ll try, opps! :wink:

(macouno) #9

Sorry peoples… I simply do not have the time this weekend. I’ll be sure to catch up next week though!

(blengine) #10

gosh dangit! im 8 replies too late!..well, placeholder anyway!

(S68) #11


Too much to do this WeekEnd


(billythekid) #12

Billythekidgoat :smiley:

(ectizen) #13

Natural disaster, taken from the news recently…


Must… stop… updating…


(@ce) #14

I’m done!! took me 41 minutes to render
Not all textures are mine…
Pure entry

thanks for the space on the web DreamMaster!

(Nayman) #15

really didnt take long… but hey…

I guess its open…

(basse) #16

nothing there?
server not up?

hmm… I’ll see if I have time to enter, but this time fellows, you really managed to narrow it down, so I don’t have much room for bending the topic… :slight_smile:


(@ce) #17

you cant really bend the topic basse…but you sure the heck can bend the image…if you know what I mean :wink:

(GemaRastem) #18

w00t w00t, high five theeth, I like having the honor of changing a rule. :smiley: but anyways, thanks for whoever voted for my space :wink: and ummm I truthfully am not very good at making stuff like this so I don’t think i am going to enter this weekend.

(scrappy) #19

i may enter, i’ll give it a shot. havn’t did a WC in a few weeks

(Nayman) #20

Well, sorry