Challenge #16 Voting - CLOSED

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This week’s theme: natural disasters [tornados, tidal waves, huricanes, lightnings]

How to vote: look at all of the entries, pick the one you think should win (based on whatever criteria you like - eg. theme interpretation/image quality/noob encouragement/etc…) and vote for it in the poll at the top of this page. If there are only the results at the top of this page, either you’ve already voted, or voting has finished. Also, if you’re undecided between choosing a Pure entry and an Open one, you’re encouraged to pick the Pure entry - other than that, just ignore the Open/Pure classifications.
Easy, huh? :slight_smile:

Pure Entries
X-WARRIOR[list:19f6c50795]I dont think I will get votes on this one but it was really fun to make! :slight_smile:
It take me about 45 min (or less… :-? ) to make it…
it is PURE

ectizenNatural disaster, taken from the news recently…

@ceI’m done!! took me 41 minutes to render
Not all textures are mine…
Pure entry

IngieBeeOK, here is something. I never have time to put into it, but here it is anyway:

DreamMasterPURE- The earth is facing it’s rare natural disaster. All people can do is to hope…

nerddogsPURE Goin’ for that “FAR SIDE” feel
(copy and paste)

WeirdHatI call this picture ‘accidental seismograph’.

this is my image for “Natural diseases” weekend challange.
It’s PURE - all done by myself this monday.
(copy and paste)


Open Entries
Nayman[list:19f6c50795]JSUT FINISHED MY ENTRY

really didnt take long… but hey…
I guess its open…


WOW my vote go to ace…if I could vote 2 time…my second vote will go to dreammaster! Good work everyone!

lol damn i woke up to late and missed putting in my entry, oh well wasn’t very good anyways.

Man wow these were some great entries, i love ectizen’s and DM7’s. hmm, not to pick one, uhh :o

dm, im sorry to say this but i think your entry should be classified as OPEN… your picture relies almost entirely on photo textures…its like pasting a photo onto a plane and calling it yours, except in this case, u sibdivide fractaled the plane and added a photo bg :wink:
the flares and meteors look pretty though =D
im sorry if i was rough, its just some real criticism…
all the entries look great, boo me, i quit my entry =(
good luck all!

I really like ectizen’s use of lighting and shadows, although the mud could use a better material.


Umm… I’ll post it as open next time if I did anything similar to that. I just thought that pure is equal to 100% used in Blender. You know what I mean? Also I only had 2 hours to work on it lol… decided on last min! :slight_smile:

Thanks RipSting :slight_smile: I spent quite some time getting the lighting just right. I had a lot of trouble getting the muddy water to look good - I wanted to avoid adding another image map, and it really should interact with the door/wall more. I’m going to continue working on this one - it’s not finished yet :wink:

There isn’t anything in the rules about the use of images. While personally, I’d call entry of mine Open if it relied too heavily on images, I don’t think you should be required to.

imgrapaboy: Your week #10 entry (which you seem to have wisely removed) was entered as “Pure”. Care to comment? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Voting was close again, but in the end, the winner is @ce!

thanks for voting everyone!
all ur entries were great!

I also wanna thank all those that voted for my entry! :stuck_out_tongue:

well, what did you expect, it’s was the best entry by far!!


Congrats @ce!!! :smiley: