Challenge #161 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: eerie

Pure Entries

alquimista [list:c12be6f6fc]
Its an eerie moon scene, with a hand-cloud seeking the moon…

This is my entry ! this is my first uv mapped objekt. First of all it should just be a mushroom, but when i saw the wc team “eerie” i putted the worm in and posted. hope u like it !

The Wrong Lake.

I guess I’ll try again.

“Hunt in an eerie ight”

The Midnight March

Not politically motivated at all

This is what i’ve done. It is not too good, but it’s mine, and I don’t like it. LOL

An eerie blue mist of chlorosols drifted through the abandoned corridor…But the stars outside continued to twinkle brightly, just as if nothing had ever happened and never would…

Open Entries

criss [list:c12be6f6fc]
The Death of a Skeleton


uh oh… my dentist is a nOOb ! ! !


Oh bummer i was just about to post mine is it to late?


ObiwanC, Shard, ObiwanC, Shard…


A good selection of entries, this week.
I think I will have to vote for Obiwan_C.
A good render that most closely fits the
brief. Without spelling mistakes.


ps, If people cant Identify my jet boat. Its
Donald Campbell’s BlueBird. He was the only
person to hold both the water and land speed
records at the same time. The land record
on Lake Eyre.

I would of voted for aiden had his entry been submitted, but i think obiwan_C had the best render to fit eerie. Although its close to some others.

Criss you allmost got my vote, if it hadent
have been for the nimsculls.


ps, I had it doing 300 mile an hour
both ways last night. Scale. Steering
on the Y axis, Z and X set to flip, with the
thresh hold on 0. Managed it a couple of times.


Thanks for the encouragements, Bogey! :smiley: Anyway, I’m in the top (a negative one :slight_smile: ) with 0 votes! :smiley:

Wow! Many pretty entries… and a couple of exeptional high quality entries indeed!! Since there are so many I’m not gonna give crits, but I’ll just give you my top 5:

1 Obiwan_C/Shard (I really can’t make up my mind!! lol)
3 criss
4 rainborg
5 Aidan (too bad you were too late to join the poll)

So… Now comes my vote and I have two reasons which I’ll explain why I’ll vote like I will… I can’t make up my mind about who should be the winner is one. Two is I really can’t watch the score of criss’s piece of art (present score as I still need to cast my vote)… afterall it’s a top 3 entry in my view and it should at least be closer to the position I think it belongs, so my vote goes to criss!!
All did a very good job on this one and I can hardly wait to see the entries for the next WC, keep it up Blenderheads! :smiley:

Shard +1.

Fantastic display of mood. :slight_smile:

Hey, is it just me or does Criss’s picture look somewhat like a version of the Taj Mahal?


i was juuuuust about to go with shard,…then suddenly i felt a cold draft on my neck, and a faint voice whispered to me that i should vote for obiwan c.

MODRON YOU FOOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You did just what the ghastly gouls wanted, they have been conspiring against me for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a ton for all of the votes everyone.

and congrats obiwan_C looks like you got the win.


Modron if two :stuck_out_tongue: isnt enough to let you know that I am joking… I am joking

Obiwan, think about a new theme for the next challenge. Be easy, pleeeeease.


(ack!, forgot to close this yesterday)

Winner: Obiwan_C with 43% of the votes