Challenge #169 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Alternative Transportation

Pure Entries

Ammusionist [list:ab606238ac]
“This is your captain speaking. Welcome to Wormhole flight WF142 to Earth. Please ensure tray tables are upright and dimensional stability is in effect. Thank you.”

The walking of the future:

Jim furnished his own transportation to beat the evening rush hour…


Don’t try to see too much in this one hee hee

Into the Light

One accident… one death… one step into the Light… one way ticket to Paradise…

This is what you have TV-Shop for…


heh sago :wink: very nice one. I like the glasses and the light, the mouth looks too flat, but overall very good image. cya

Well done Sago! You really captured a great effect with this one!

Wow Sago, that’s great. I’m hoping to achieve that quality sometime in the future. Great job.

Sago +1.

As usual, very nice. Great atmosphere.

I can’t justify voting for myself with your entry there Sago.

Damn you!



Yay, two digits, new record.
Thank you. :smiley:

Winner: Sago with 56% of the votes