Challenge #17 Entries (6 September 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

Theme #17 for 6 September 2002 is: ninja
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 9 September 2002.

The reigning champion had this to say:

There were no overly stupid interpretations of the rules last week, so this week there are no changes to the rules (found here: )

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix is available for all your entry formatting/validation/timekeeping needs. For the price of return airfare and accomodation, ectizen is available live in person for any other Weekend Challenge related needs.

Good luck, and enjoy the bonus extra half hour! (starting early 'cos I’m falling asleep…)

And remember folks, if you want to know the the hell “woot flat flat” means, don’t bother trying Google.

(DreamMaster) #2

This is my entry - Poser used, but I’m attempting to show the mood from it.

Open Used Poser 4 Pro and a model downloaded from the internet. I changed its color completely and redrew the texture completely. Worked on it for 7 hours. Then rendered it in Poser’s ugly render and then did some post-process in Photoshop.

(Goo) #3




(JamesAmI) #4

I’ll have to say… this is my place holder, and my first post. 8)

hmmm… didn’t have the time I thought I’d have. :-?
I did have a detailed throwing star made in Corel Draw using the polygon tool, then imported into Wings3d then Blender. (need to learn a PURE way.) But now I’m at school with nothing to show. maybe next week…

(Ecks) #5

Retire I dont have time for this this weekend…

uhmm…ninja…I have some idea so I this is my placeholder but wel…we will see if I have time to model something…

(blengine) #6

this is my pure entry… ill call it Nojo Ninjo
fruit fruit! weee panorama

good luck everyone


(IMProvisar) #7

Rough weekend at work, I’m not going to get a chance to do anything. :frowning:



(hermy) #8

wow, great topic, i’ll try to submit something, but i aint got allotta time this weekend :frowning:

we’ll c, sure looking forward to all y’er entrys.

(bogbean) #9


Pure All modelled and rendered in Blender. With just an hour to spare before the deadline.

(Andy Goralczyk) #10

this my entry, it’s a fighting ninja dragon…

Pure done completely in blender with some color adjustment in Corel…

phew, that was some hard work… it took 11 hours, i started this morning and i’ve just finished it.


(ectizen) #11

These guys are ninjas - they’re stealthy. You’re supposed to have trouble seeing them at night! :slight_smile:

Pure All new. All blender except for one image (the moon). No post.

Hint #1: alarm clock :wink:
Hint #2: contributions to the organiser’s retirement fund may result in favourable rule changes (eg. permanent placeholders, redefining “Pure” as “anything made by <insert your name here>”, etc…) :smiley:

(Jolly Gnome) #12

note to @ce:
the plural of “ninja” is “ninjas”, not “ninjai”.

([email protected]) #13

:o ok PLACESHOLDER my concept is a gar reach to be NINJA but its the best i could do so ner!!!

(@ce) #14

Jolly Gnome…I know…but I guess you never visited

good luck everyone!

(BgDM) #15

Here is my entry. I call it “The Offering to the Soul”, as a ninjas sword is his soul, (at least I think anyway).

Pure Modelled and rendered in blender. Used dotblend’s radiosity technique for the lighting and texturing. Post processed in Photoshop to get the painted effect.

Did this in about 2 hours this morning, cause I ain’t gonna be around this weekend.

Good luck everyone.


edited to fix the url on the full image link.

(d52477001) #16

after a vicious battle between two mannequins at Mr Wan’s Karate studio, only the best ninja will survive…

Well, i actually don’t know where i got the idea from but these are the mannequins that ninjas use to practice on… only these mannequins learnt from their owners and became (wooden) ninjas thenselves… and two of them have just finished a battle to the death… :-\

entry is completely pure mostly blender except for a texture for the floor and wood. i also used photoshop to adjust the bg blur… (might need to c&p)

(Idgas) #17

ok here is what i was able to get done.

I think it would be a PURE but not sure. I used Blender for everything. The only thing that isn’t my original is the dragon head. I found that on the internet and converted to Blender. Took me about 10 hours all together. let me know if i need to do anything else for the contest.

(GemaRastem) #18

I think the dominatix is down but anyway here is my entry
This is what i thought of when I thought of ninja, the stars are modelled after some on my own so don’t say they don’t look like throwing stars.

it is mostly blender all but the textures are. I am kind of a noob and I am not good at enviroments.

I hope there is nothing else I need to be entitled for the contest

(ectizen) #19

Your entry is fine - it contains everything we need to know :slight_smile:

The dominatrix isn’t down - just fighting for bandwidth :wink: (all of is hosted at my home, on a 56k modem :o )
I was probably reloading the front page of slashdot when you tried. If that happens, just try again in a few minutes…

(blengine) #20

Hint #2: contributions to the organiser’s retirement fund may result in favourable rule changes (eg. permanent placeholders, redefining “Pure” as “anything made by <insert your name here>”, etc…)

lmao…who shall i make the check out to? and how much are we talking here =)