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(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

This week’s theme: ninja

How to vote: look at all of the entries, pick the one you think should win (based on whatever criteria you like - eg. theme interpretation/image quality/noob encouragement/etc…) and vote for it in the poll at the top of this page. If there are only the results at the top of this page, either you’ve already voted, or voting has finished. Also, if you’re undecided between choosing a Pure entry and an Open one, you’re encouraged to pick the Pure entry - other than that, just ignore the Open/Pure classifications.
Easy, huh? :slight_smile:

Pure Entries
imgranpaboy[list:b2a350116c]this is my pure entry… ill call it Nojo Ninjo
fruit fruit! weee panorama

Pure All modelled and rendered in Blender. With just an hour to spare before the deadline.

@ndythis my entry, it’s a fighting ninja dragon…
Pure done completely in blender with some color adjustment in Corel…

ectizenThese guys are ninjas - they’re stealthy. You’re supposed to have trouble seeing them at night! :slight_smile:
Pure All new. All blender except for one image (the moon). No post.

[email protected]ok i know this is a weak link but if u dont like it dont vote for it… neway (this image shows how the entry image relates to the theme) (this is the entry image)

BgDMHere is my entry. I call it “The Offering to the Soul”, as a ninjas sword is his soul, (at least I think anyway).
Pure Modelled and rendered in blender. Used dotblend’s radiosity technique for the lighting and texturing. Post processed in Photoshop to get the painted effect.

d52477001after a vicious battle between two mannequins at Mr Wan’s Karate studio, only the best ninja will survive…
Well, i actually don’t know where i got the idea from but these are the mannequins that ninjas use to practice on… only these mannequins learnt from their owners and became (wooden) ninjas thenselves… and two of them have just finished a battle to the death… :-
entry is completely pure mostly blender except for a texture for the floor and wood. i also used photoshop to adjust the bg blur…
(copy and paste)

Idgasok here is what i was able to get done.
I think it would be a PURE but not sure. I used Blender for everything. The only thing that isn’t my original is the dragon head. I found that on the internet and converted to Blender. Took me about 10 hours all together.

This is what i thought of when I thought of ninja, the stars are modelled after some on my own so don’t say they don’t look like throwing stars.
it is mostly blender all but the textures are. I am kind of a noob and I am not good at enviroments.

NEOok here is my entry, after a 12 hours strait beldnering session :-? . Its Pure , made in belnder then taken into photoshop for a bit, it was all made for this contest today in a huge rush of modelling =D. (slow backup copy)

bassehe was always bullied in ninja school, and never really learned that basic 5 meter high 3-backflips-one-flop-turn-kick… so instead of rescuing beautiful princesses all the time, he spent his days drinking away at Phillie’s…
(pure as it can be)


Open Entries
DreamMaster[list:b2a350116c]This is my entry - Poser used, but I’m attempting to show the mood from it.
Open Used Poser 4 Pro and a model downloaded from the internet. I changed its color completely and redrew the texture completely. Worked on it for 7 hours. Then rendered it in Poser’s ugly render and then did some post-process in Photoshop.

RobRussellOh well here is my entry, made all the models a textures today :smiley:
Made in max
Well here it is sorry about the huge blur. (Note: this image wasn’t loading for the organiser when voting started) (slow backup copy)

nerddogsopen I guess…All the models where made in blender but I made all the textures in photoshop and uv mapped them. I was pressed on time so I hid Alice’s hand behind her back. I call it “Cheeky Ninja”.
(copy and paste)


(LohnS) #2

OH NO! :frowning: the pics server is down, oh man :’(

ectizen if you could i will post another link, would you when you get a chance please swap them, thankyou =(

(ectizen) #3

I’ve stuck a copy on my server for you.

Woohoo!! I’m getting votes!! :o :smiley: :smiley:

(scrappy) #4

ectizen, ya got my vote…awesome pic, really has a nice artistic feel going for it.

(LohnS) #5

phew thanks ectizen!!!

(blengine) #6

wow the coolest entrys thus far in the weekend challenge! this was a great topic… andy! i knew youd pull a stunt like that! youre amazing dude =D

(Andy Goralczyk) #7

hehe… grampa, i started makng this after i talked with ya… :wink:
great entries, eyeryone… good luck!

(harkyman) #8

Must… vote… for… more than… … one… arghhh… the paaaiiiinn…

(9) #9

Aïe aïe! Tough vote this week!
All you guys made it hard to choose!..
I laughed my ass off seeing Bogbean’s; Imgranpaboy @ndy and Neo: :o ; and I’m glad to see Basse’ interpretation of Nighthawks! This poor ninja didn’t aven get the valuable company of Marge and Homer? :wink:
Finally I voted for Idgas, for the spirit of the image.



(Idgas) #10

Hey thanks 9. I don’t think it’ll make me win but thanks for the vote. I would have like to vote for @ndy, but when i noticed that imgrandpaboy had 15 votes and i had zero i voted for myself so i could have one. Thanks again for the vote.

You guys are all awsome. I’m inspired to try harder next time.
Just out of curiosity imgranpaboy, how many lights did you use, what is the scale in blender, and how did you get the image to be so sharp.

(RobRussell) #11

After long thought (and going to the brink of insanity) I gave my vote to imgranpaboy, his model seemed alive and i love the swords :smiley:
I loved that Dragon too, but it was imgranpaboy’s swords that did it.

(BgDM) #12

WOW! I got a vote, and it wasn’t from myself! Thanks to whoever that was!!

Excellent work this time gang. This keeps on getting tougher and tougher.


(ectizen) #13

scrappy: Thanks for the “artistic feel” comment :smiley: (& the vote!)

Holy crap! Where did all these voters come from?! :o

(blengine) #14

Holy crap! Where did all these voters come from?!

i know! theres about 20+ more voters than usual! thats awesome, the contest is becoming ever popular =D

/me flashes back to first contests which only had 6 entries and not even 40 votes! hehehe…its come so far

hey ectizen, do u ever go into #blenderchat ??

(Jolly Gnome) #15

Oh my… basse, I just love your work! The are always so original, something that most others lack :slight_smile:

(Andy Goralczyk) #16

congratulations imgrandpaboy, you won.
your pic is really amazing!
wow… this was a very good wc, lots of cool entries :o
and wow #2… lots of votes this week, hope there will be a lot more in the future…
well, see ya all in the next weekend challenge.

(ectizen) #17

Ninety-two votes! :o :o

imgranpaboy wins by a nose - thirty votes to twenty-nine! :o :o

Excellent work by everyone! :smiley:


Occasionally - when I can afford the distraction :wink:
(which hasn’t been lately :frowning: )

(blengine) #18

congratulations imgrandpaboy, you won.

thanks andy and all who voted for me! when i went to sleep, i was sure voting would turn your way =\ … great contest all =D

Ninety-two votes!

where did all those people come from? :o

(BgDM) #19

OK, I propose a new rule for the Weekend Challenge:

No entries by @ndy, imgranpaboy, basse or NEO.

All us others need to stand a chance ya’ know!

Just kidding! :wink:

Keep up the great work gang. Congrats chris on another excellent job. I guess your blender block is gone?!


(ectizen) #20

Hmm… I wonder how these folks’d cope with Pure Madness? (more info here )