Challenge #170 (11/04/05) - Entries CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #170 for 4 November 2005 is: CRASH! BOOM! BANG!!

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 7 November 2005.

(StrikerMunc) #2

Deffinate placeholder… :stuck_out_tongue:
yay this is my first!

Ok, after two days of hard blending, here’s what I’ve come up with…
Pure entry:

“More of a crash than a bang I suppose…”
(link to full size version (140k))…

(Jeeves) #3

I have a stupid idea… Hope I have time…

(superx10) #4

possible placeholder…?

(space.warp) #5

Same thing here… possible placeholder…

*** Edit ***

Really don’t have much spare time this weekend so here it is.
Pure Entry

ToyFactory - Each of out toys are put through a series of test to ensure you have a good time.
ToyFactory - Good toys, good time.


(Zorg) #6

Title: OEPS!

First contest and first scene from me :smiley:

(PlantPerson) #7

Now that’s funny…

(WhiteBoy) #8

Title: City Blocks
Pure Entry
Modeling/Setup: Blender
Rendering: Blender Internal
Minimal Postpro: GIMP
Render Time: 9min 10sec (for motion blur)

(AndyD) #9

Count me in… Entry coming up soon.


“Slippery when wet”

Absolutely 100% pure

(emfrobia) #10

possible place holder… very possible! :smiley:

Edit: Well, i’m going to have a hard time competing with these posts, but i’ll give it a shot.

100% Pure.
(I imagine it would say something along the lines of “Meep!”)


(datbenik) #11

Here’s mine:


(sapir) #12

Hrm, I think I’ll submit something, but it’s not too original, so I dunno if I’ll be participating… (if I am, this’ll be the placeholder :slight_smile:

( edit: ) This is Vogon Prostetnic Jeltz speaking… As you may well be aware, your planet is scheduled for demolition…

(I’m not participating)


(DarkSeraphim) #13

Well, here’s my first entry. Crash boom bang made me think of a song, and I thought this was a clever context. Bonus points are awarded if you can figure out what song it is talking about. :wink:

(lucidMonkey) #14

Oil Crash Boom Bang!

Grenade is pure blender+yafray. Background image and motion blur added pp.

and a thumb:

(space.warp) #15

Hey, emfrobia, why don’t you call it “Run Forest, Run!”? :stuck_out_tongue:

(emfrobia) #16

Hey, emfrobia, why don’t you call it “Run Forest, Run!”?

Lol! maybe if i ever add on to this project i could add in some trees on the furry guy. Thanks for the idea! :smiley: