Challenge #171 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Unusual Visualization

Pure Entries

emfrobia [list:1e954712ec]
Many of you may know the band “Led-Zeppelin”. I interpreted this as a “Lead Zeppelin”, or a blimp made out of metal. Here it is!

Tattoo on Wall

‘Inside infinty.’

Open Entries

BackiZ [list:1e954712ec]
lol (OOPS art)


There’s some brilliant entries here again!

Sago - How do you get the fantastic Depth of Field bluring?

hey mine isn’t open! pure blender! (I should have said it ofcourse)
anyway, it was more a joke then an entry :smiley:

I think sonix did very well. :wink:

I don’t really know what Unusual Visualization is, but since i thougth that sago’s picture was the best, i voted for him, based purely on the ‘goodness’ of his picture!


Based on the title of this week, I though that BackiZ came up with the most creative and out of the box way to use blender to accomplish that, even if it was not a “render”.

That would be the Zblur-plugin (that’s what it’s for :wink: ).

Hey BickaZ, isn’t that thing a little too big for an emoticon? :stuck_out_tongue:

All the entries were pretty nice this time around.

Sago +1.

Winner: sonix with 54% of the votes