Challenge #172 (11/18/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #172 for 18 November 2005 is: Droids

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 21 November 2005.

hmm, placeholder


What droids really get up to.

Open Entry, could have been pure if it werent for some little mistakes, I cbf rendering for 8 hours again

thanks to jsplifer for rendering

I gotta try for this :smiley:

I went for funny - theme “stupid driods” based on alienware intelligence
quite a paradox

here it is pure blender + yafray + (some softglow in gimp)

here is another render

hope you like it, everyone else is doing well btw, good luck all

Droid isn’t a real word! It’s a star wars word! It’s just a corruption of android!

I may still enter though.

Yes it is a word-A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

Is Droid like the same as robot? And can I also send in my picture of the projects im working on? If so im Placeholder!

Nice topic.
Possible placeholder…

*** Edit ***
Here’s my pure entry.


count me in!

Finally I decided to do one of these. Im in! :smiley:


I tried to make alot but just crashed my pc :frowning:
Here is my Final entry enjoy :smiley:

<placeholder of doom>
:smiley: , i just started a droid yesterday.

Pure entry, background composited in blender.

Here is a link to what the word droid means

As long as you only used Blender to composite the background in your image, it remains pure.

As long as the main focus of the image is made by yourself (not by MakeHuman, for example) in Blender, I’ll consider it pure.


Alien Droid
Pure Blender
Yafray Render

Blender 2.4, although I didn’t use any new features.

evil monkey droid

Title: Robot Relief
Catagory: Pure
Comments: Raytraced with YafRay in Blender 2.37a
Also, my “Verizon” ISP is running slow, you may need to REFRESH or RELOAD for the picture to appear.

Thanks to mikejedw here’s a mirror link for the image…

You gotta have a little “Potty Humor” once in a while, with these Weekend Challenges. 8)

May the Blender Be with You!

My “green droid”. Blender 2.37+yafray, time 3-4h.
…pure entry.

Spelling mistake intentional, Spin?

Reeeeendering now. Placeholder…I hope.
Self Assembly Required