Challenge #172 (11/18/05) - Entries CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #172 for 18 November 2005 is: Droids

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 21 November 2005.

(Alex_G) #2

hmm, placeholder


What droids really get up to.

Open Entry, could have been pure if it werent for some little mistakes, I cbf rendering for 8 hours again

thanks to jsplifer for rendering

(garphik) #3

I gotta try for this :smiley:

I went for funny - theme “stupid driods” based on alienware intelligence
quite a paradox

here it is pure blender + yafray + (some softglow in gimp)

here is another render

hope you like it, everyone else is doing well btw, good luck all

(PlantPerson) #4

Droid isn’t a real word! It’s a star wars word! It’s just a corruption of android!

I may still enter though.

(cerin) #5

Yes it is a word-A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

(Maaatt) #6

Is Droid like the same as robot? And can I also send in my picture of the projects im working on? If so im Placeholder!

(space.warp) #7

Nice topic.
Possible placeholder…

*** Edit ***
Here’s my pure entry.


(pyth0n) #8

count me in!

(Siegel) #9

Finally I decided to do one of these. Im in! :smiley:


I tried to make alot but just crashed my pc :frowning:
Here is my Final entry enjoy :smiley:

(Villitz) #10

<placeholder of doom>
:smiley: , i just started a droid yesterday.

(j) #11

Pure entry, background composited in blender.

Here is a link to what the word droid means

(Sago) #12

As long as you only used Blender to composite the background in your image, it remains pure.

(theeth) #13

As long as the main focus of the image is made by yourself (not by MakeHuman, for example) in Blender, I’ll consider it pure.


(Khnum) #14

Alien Droid
Pure Blender
Yafray Render

(Tamarin) #15

Blender 2.4, although I didn’t use any new features.

evil monkey droid

(Spin) #16

Title: Robot Relief
Catagory: Pure
Comments: Raytraced with YafRay in Blender 2.37a
Also, my “Verizon” ISP is running slow, you may need to REFRESH or RELOAD for the picture to appear.

Thanks to mikejedw here’s a mirror link for the image…

You gotta have a little “Potty Humor” once in a while, with these Weekend Challenges. 8)

(4go10soul) #17

May the Blender Be with You!

(postolka) #18

My “green droid”. Blender 2.37+yafray, time 3-4h.
…pure entry.

(Jeeves) #19

Spelling mistake intentional, Spin?

(mikejedw) #20

Reeeeendering now. Placeholder…I hope.
Self Assembly Required