Challenge #173 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Bugs

Pure Entries

AndyD [list:a55fcbd54b]
This is the first thing I thought of. Why is everyone else working on insect models?

Fighting sticks

I call it Slug Night Crossing.
(I swear it is a slug, not a slime monster )

Another kind of bug

Here’s a blender bug

Here is my imagined bug, too mechanic maybe

This morning, I decided not to eat my tosti. Instead, I made a snapshot and ran off.

Native American Insect carving

Save a spot for me.

It’s a metal ladybug

Land of the bugs

Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:a55fcbd54b]
a pure Blender 2.37a internally rendered non-participating speed modeled dragonfly pin


For some reason, I voted Socksy!

I voted for bigbad’s, it looks fantastic, but it was a hard decision I must say, great blending all of you guys!

good entries everyone,
I voted for bigbad that was super.

I had a great idea for this challenge
[idea] I was going to make a scene with TV and Xbox 360 + a dissapointed youster having a bluescreen infront of him oh yes and the bill by the side :slight_smile:
I could have made it if I wasnt to go out of town.

Voted for AndyD. Great entry with a humorous interpretation of the theme.

Great entries everyone !

Vidar_Nelson got my vote…
I love the perspective - looks awesome!

Postolka +1.

I’m really diggin’ the mechanical design.

I almost voted for bigbad’s entry. Incredible realism, but the lighting just wasn’t up to par with the rest of the image.

Great job, everyone!

One more for Vidar. Love the composition and lighting - and of course the not so subtle box in th background :slight_smile:

Liked the sticks but really couldn’t make them out well enough to see the modelling. A bit too dark. The leaf looked good and I’d be interested to know more about how it was done.

Smokinjuan - err, nice :-?

Some good stuff again - what’s next, what’s next??? :slight_smile:

Some awesome entries. Wonder why the presentation for my entry is messed up :frowning:

Here is the many ideas I had for this one (had difficulty to choose one)
-a ordinary bug (like many of the entries)
-a beetle (thank god i didn’t take this one since Cipix had the same idea, Whew)
-Curtis’s’ June Bug plane (
-and a native American (British Columbia if I remember) butterfly carving (based on a recent drawing on paper )

  • etc

Andy D definitely caught me off guard since I had not though about it :smiley:
Cipix beetle is awesome since I am sure it wasn’t a cinch to model that in only one weekend.
postolka’s entry is awesome too, The material and modeling is very good, only crit is that it could have another color than gray like the background. A shiny metallic blue would have done the job better in my opinion.

Well to sum up my rather boring and non instructive post with something we can at least consider as ordinary and encouraging…

Great Job everyone! Can’t wait for the results of the polls and next week’s contest!

+1 for Slèpnyrl

Best of the bunch, good job!

I voted for postolka. I like alien metal looks cool.

SmokinJuan Hahahah… nice subject. I wish the “food” was a bit more realistic.

I’d planned to vote for your entry, but since my own wasn’t in the list for the first few hours I decided to give myself a bump.

Anyway, good work this week.

Is voting for yourself legal :stuck_out_tongue:

would be foolish not to :wink:

Alright I´ll go for it. (x) bigbad

AndyD you get my vote, along with a big smile on my face…nice work

I voted for the rabbit. Just for “thinking outside the box!” (And doing a damn good model of it, too.)

Winner is: AndyD with 27% of the votes



My worst WC ever, I’ve got only one vote when other times I used to be in the first 3 :(.

Conclusion" don’t ever model cars for Weekend Chalenges :slight_smile:

Ahh … forgot it: Congratulation to all who participated !