Challenge #175 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Santa’s Little Secret

Pure Entries

Deneb [list:7938cbe07c]
here’s mine:

Are these for him or the Reindeer? Really really big no-doze.

Sleigh which santa uses to deliver some gifts when he is in a hurry. (photo background)

Every year when I wake up, there are a few boxes of mince pies littered around the kitchen floor. It must be santa, who else apart from my parents gets in my house at christmas.

“And there Xnorgll was, sitting on a chair next to his Santasuit. He wished he was fat and old and fuzzy like they said. Or that they would accept his true identity, and still let him be Santa. But before people accepted that, he probably should wait a thousand years, he figured. Would the tradition even last that long?”

What Santa really puts in the presents.

The secret of how santa manages to deliver his presents.

Santa’s means of making it around to every kid in the world: the Jetdeer

Didn’t get as much done to it as I like, but running out of time.

“And you thought he made all of them presents…”


+1 for j. I had a similar idea but your entry surpassed my imagined model. Well made, well textured, well composed. I could see this as a Christmas Card for car and plane nuts.

scraze: nice idea, liked it a lot.

If I wasn’t in this, I’d vote scraze, but being biased, I voted Socksy.

xmarshallx… cause he took a great step and modelled hes face, with good composition and expression. that and im a sucker for x’s :wink:

Wow good one gang
I liked the legs, the jet sleigh, the airplanes and the you thought I made the presents.

I had to finally go with the last one but it was a tough call. good work all.
BlackManta :Z

I really really liked the topic this week. I just wish I would have had some time to participate. Curse that blasted school!

Oh, and by the way: j +1.

yep, nice topic :smiley:

@Socksy: hehe :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll just imagine +1 :wink:
@j: brilliant image, you get an imaginary +1 too - you’ve got many votes and will get many too, i think, so I’ll distribute mine a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: would you mind sharing with us how you created this beautiful snow?

And +1 for DracoFodder just for explaining why Santa is so merry … grin

Lots of good entries. But, I have to give my vote to J … How did you do that snow? It is great, especially around the shed.

My guess is that the snow plus shed is a photograph and the snowmobile is just composited on top. I would be interested to know how many people voted for the image based on the assumption the background was blended.

My vote is between space.warp and Tjeiken. I prefer space.warp based on the fact I don’t like thinking of Rudolf with a jet engine inside him.

You’re probably right, my initial feeling was the snow was done with a blend, and I was puzzling how the small particles of snow got on the bush. That and the color/shading seemd just right.


Of course if its just a background picture, then that makes sense.

Guess I should look closer, before I leap/speak. :slight_smile:

Actually, it looks to me like the background could be blended - the barn at least- with a good photo-real UV mapped texture. The snow could be done the same way with some alpha transparency in the right places. :slight_smile:

I could do it… if I were ALOT more talented. :smiley:

Edit… ahh… well I sit corrected. :smiley:

The sleigh is a model and the shadow is a 3d shadow
of the model, everything else is photo mapped on a
giant plane with screen coordinates as texture coordinates.

Winner with 49% of the votes: j



The final count doesn’t show xm4r5h4llx’s 19%

lol… all that matters is that i had fun blending and still managed to study for finals :slight_smile: