Challenge #176 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Christmas Tree ornament

Pure Entries

foCus [list:e19d0221b1]
I’m in

Cat with Ornament

Sad snowman.

In case I don’t get a chance to get any further work done here’s what I have so far

“Simple Xmas”

“The Star Of Christmas”

well here’s my contribution:

Open Entries

metalhed [list:e19d0221b1]
“Traditions” (composition: I had to use Photoshop to modify the image as well as place some of the needles on top of the ornament and add some shadows on the Santa for realism. )


Non-Participating Entries

lucidMonkey [list:e19d0221b1]
non-participating entry (the gnome is not new)


well, too late once again :< ok so here is my would-be entry:

My girlfriend gave me seven glow-in-the-dark rubber duckies with hearts for our seven month ccelebration :smiley: and they would look awesome, if bigger, on a tree. Something like this:
The duckies have emittance & radio button set, but sadly enough, if I render with radiosity in render settings, blender crashes. I guess it can’t take the roughly 20000 faces in the christmas tree. Whoops.

I’ll get you next time, Inspector Time! And then NOTHING will stop me from joining the wc! MUHAHAHAHAH!! :Z


Thanks for the votes gang, but I must admit the style came from an image I found Googl’ing.

So if you’re voting based on style, I can’t accept.

Personally I voted for foCus.

I agree with Rage, foCus’ is really good! I too voted for foCus. Rage, with or without style, the model is very good! Good job to everyone else as well, there were some excellent entries.

I have been looking at past WCs lately, I just want to send a big THANKS to theeth for the dedication he has put into the WC!!! This is a really cool way for new blenders, like myself, and experienced blenders to challenge themselves and create things they would not have normally done. And theeth has done this for MANY weekends. So Thank You theeth, you truely are the champion of WCs!!!

Winner: foCus with 31% of the votes



so close… oh so close… lol… %|

oh well… congrats foCus… and great job everyone…

Thank you everyone who has voted for me. Everyone did a great job… And Merry Christmas to all of you… Hohohoho