Challenge #177 (12/23/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #177 for 23 December 2005 is: your best christmas present

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 26 December 2005.

Aw yeah. hlace polder.

I’m gonna do this again!


I had a bunch of free time on my hands today. I am really proud of this one, probably one of my best models.

“The Times”

EDIT 2: I changed the lighting, it looks MUCH better now

This was an inspiration from a Christmas present last year. Merry Christmas everyone!

placeholder… one last one for the year…

Possible place holder

Due christmas (offcourse) i only got tonight, tommorow and first christmasday but i’ll try :slight_smile:

Maybe place holder, Christmas does take a lot of time


I’m just gonna submit this picture a little early, I don’t think I’m gonna have anymore time to work on it now that Christmas has arrived.
Anyway, here is my happy picture, Pure Blender, rendered with Yafray.


placeholder…if I have enough time, <g>

My brother’s girlfriend got me a kick-ass present, maybe I can make that if I have time…

Here’s my entry, if it isn’t to late.
Pure, modeled in Blender.

Who could honestly say they wouldn’t like this present?


Well, this was the best gift this year. Just wish I could get the liquid to stop being black in appearence in this render.

here we go, my non-participating entry:


Hahah, nice!