Challenge #18 Entries (13 September 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

Theme #18 for 13 September 2002 is: trophy, first, second, third
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 16 September 2002.

This week, we’ll be trying something a little different - we’re going to try and harness the awesome power of the Weekend Challenge :smiley:
The objective is to produce a set of images that will be used elsewhere in elYsiun’s forums. As a result, this week there are a couple of temporary changes to the rules (standard rules found here: )

An “entry” is required to represent all 4 parts of the theme. This could be by submitting a seperate image for each part of the theme, or a single image that could be chopped up to produce the 4 parts.

File sizes: for those submitting a single image, the file size limit has been raised to 500kB this week. For those submitting multiple images, the limit is 250kB per image.

Conventional interpretations are preferred this week.

Despite having won last week, imgranpaboy is eligible to enter again this week - mainly because he generously gave up his theme selection priviledge to allow this special challenge.

Despite not having won last week, theeth and I are not eligible to enter this week, as we have been conspiring about this special theme for a few days.

I think I’ve covered everything about this special challenge here, but if you have any questions ask. It might also be an ides to check this message every once in a while in case I adjust the temporary rules (to clarify things).

In other news, the weekend challenge dominatrix (available for all your formatting/validation/timekeeping needs) has been rebuilt. The dominatrix now conforms to Strict (of course :wink: ) XHTML. Please let me know (PM/email/message below) if you have any display problems, or there are any other issues.

Also, there is a proposal floating around to make the ocassional Weekend Challenge much more challenging. Read about it here:

And finally, a tip for rookie challengers: it’s a good idea to not leave it until the last minute before submitting your entry. If there is a problem with your entry (bad url/hostile webhost/etc…) it’s much easier to fix this before voting starts, rather than after. Note that the dominatrix will check yor URL(s) for accesibility, and will let you know if things don’t look right.

Well, I’ve run out of things to say, so I’ll step aside and make way for the placeholder stampede.

Good luck!

(again I’m falling asleep, so again we’re starting half an hour early)

[edit] to add file size stuff [/edit]

(blengine) #2

at first i was gonna step outta this, but then i woke up and felt like playing around with an idea =D just a ‘for fun entry’, i predict only sickies will vote for me :wink:
Pure entry with post pro to put the picks together into one, and the monkey mesh wasnt modeled by me, its blender publishers primitive, now in trophy form 8)
Monkey Mesh Presents

good luck everyone :smiley:


(SGT Squeaks) #3

Yes Second!!! :smiley:

(Idgas) #4

this is my placeholder

not really sure i understand the contest. All four, does that mean four trophies, or four things that would represent 1, 2, 3.?? :-?


Here is my Pure entry. Everything was done in Blender. Only used ms paint to put the pictures together. It took me about 7 hours. I tried to get a real look to it. Well any way here it is.
Cant wait to see everyone elses. Good luck

Edit: The more I look at them the more i don’t like the look of the coins. I tried to get a good coin look but just couldn’t quite get it. Oh well

(JamesAmI) #5

placeholder, darn 4th place.

(theeth) #6

What Ectizen meant about “including the four parts of trophy, 1st, 2nd, 3rd” was that your entry must show trophies, representing the first, second and third place.

This is very open to imagination, there is more to trophies than a golden cup on a wooden stand.

If you have more questions, just send me a PM.


(macouno) #7

The elysiun orb.

Pure Apart form textures 100% blender, textures are old ones of, a rusty plate & a wood pane. The font texture is B&W done in paint shop. used some hemi lights, shadow only spot, regular lamps, mblur and so forth.

the last url is just a link to the regular gallery in which I also placed a copy of the image.

(ectizen) #8

My intention when writing that epic at the top of this page, was that an entry (or set of entries) should represent the following:- trophy - a general purpose “Well done!”

  • first - a first place award
  • second - a second place award
  • third - a third place award
    These could be represented with four seperate images, or in a single image. For example, you could submit an single image of a display cabinet showing all of your awards, or you could submit seperate images to show each award invidiually. Please bear in mind that a single image would be cropped to produce 4 distinct images, so it would probably be best if the various awards didn’t overlap.
    Does this clear things up?

I’ll let theeth handle the file size/format question.

Oh my! You are confident, aren’t you! :wink:

If there exists an " - OPEN" entry thread, then the contest has started :slight_smile:

(Andy Goralczyk) #9

[retired… n0 time this weekend]
good luck everyone.

(theeth) #10

Just do your image like a normal WC entry, I’ll contact the winner if there is any adaptation to be made.


(ectizen) #11

For those keeping score, the dominatrix has been updated. It will now check file sizes, and file types. Let me know if there are any prolems with it - especially if it claims your JPEG formatted image isn’t JPEG.

(BgDM) #12

Here are my trophy entries! The first three are noted as runner up awards, but now that I see ectizens note, they can go from 3rd to first respectively. The other is just a Weekend Challenge Winner award, (That I don’t really like after rendering it), that can now be scrapped. Please only consider the first 3 as the award trophies.

Pure Trophies were modelled as they say they are, (i.e. Metaball, Nurbs, SubSurf). All converted to standard mesh and then used radiosity for lighting. All text post processed in Photoshop.

NOTE: The actual full image is 300K, so all you on 56K modem, be warned before hand.

Good lusk everyone!


(LohnS) #13

what about 28k’ers :wink:

good lusk to you too :wink: . mmmm, lusk homer drool



(scrappy) #14

i think im in this week

(ray_theway) #15

These are my medals (in separate pic’s).

Pure I used no tracing, just freehand beziers. The text was entered using postscript fonts. All materials are procedural.

If you got down here, sorry about the length of the post. 8)

(blengine) #16

bgdm, lol, do i see that same damn supra reflection map? haha, cmon, theres so many better ones on the net! :wink:
great entry, the subsurf award rocks

(BgDM) #17

bgdm, lol, do i see that same damn supra reflection map? haha, cmon, theres so many better ones on the net!

Yeah, yeah. I know, but it works so well! Others I have tried don’t come out as nice.

great entry, the subsurf award rocks


Can’t wait to see yours!


(bogbean) #18

Weird trophies. Gold, Silver, Bronze(ish) and marble.


Four (remarkably similar!) pictures, each with its own thumbnail.

(hannibar) #19

My four trophy’s : gold, silver, bronze, and leather/flesh.


or for a highrez version :

(pofo) #20

Cool, I’ll have to try to make something this time :smiley:

Too bad I don’t have much time…

Oh well, we’ll see.

(For those of you who didn’t get it, this is a placeholder)

  1. pofo

Too bad, I only had time to make my first place trophy. :frowning:
And I don’t feel like just changing material on it and calling it second and third, it’s not that kind of trophy. Anyway, here it is and good luck to everybody else. I hope we’ll have lots of cool trophies to choose from :slight_smile: