Challenge #18 Voting - CLOSED

voting has been extended indefinitely (until i figure out what to do)
next week has been postponed indefinitely (until i figure out what to do)
the rules are going to change (when i figure out what to do)

Current Challenge Status

This week’s theme: trophy, first, second, third

How to vote: pick an entry you like, and vote for it. It couldn’t get much easier than that :slight_smile:

Pure Entries
imgranpaboy[list:b106a3a78d]at first i was gonna step outta this, but then i woke up and felt like playing around with an idea =D just a ‘for fun entry’, i predict only sickies will vote for me :wink:
Pure entry with post pro to put the picks together into one, and the monkey mesh wasnt modeled by me, its blender publishers primitive, now in trophy form 8)

IdgasHere is my Pure entry. Everything was done in Blender. Only used ms paint to put the pictures together. It took me about 7 hours. I tried to get a real look to it. Well any way here it is.

macounoThe elysiun orb.
Pure Apart form textures 100% blender, textures are old ones of, a rusty plate & a wood pane. The font texture is B&W done in paint shop. used some hemi lights, shadow only spot, regular lamps, mblur and so forth.

BgDMHere are my trophy entries! The first three are noted as runner up awards, but now that I see ectizens note, they can go from 3rd to first respectively. The other is just a Weekend Challenge Winner award, (That I don’t really like after rendering it), that can now be scrapped. Please only consider the first 3 as the award trophies.
Pure Trophies were modelled as they say they are, (i.e. Metaball, Nurbs, SubSurf). All converted to standard mesh and then used radiosity for lighting. All text post processed in Photoshop.
NOTE: The actual full image is 300K, so all you on 56K modem, be warned before hand.

ray_thewayThese are my medals (in separate pic’s).
Pure I used no tracing, just freehand beziers. The text was entered using postscript fonts. All materials are procedural.

bogbeanWeird trophies. Gold, Silver, Bronze(ish) and marble.
Four (remarkably similar!) pictures, each with its own thumbnail.

hannibarMy four trophy’s : gold, silver, bronze, and leather/flesh.

or for a highrez version :

pofoToo bad, I only had time to make my first place trophy. :frowning:
And I don’t feel like just changing material on it and calling it second and third, it’s not that kind of trophy. Anyway, here it is and good luck to everybody else. I hope we’ll have lots of cool trophies to choose from :slight_smile:

FutureShip01st place (copy and paste)
2nd place (copy and paste)
3rd place (copy and paste)
all of them together (copy and paste)

rwenzlaffWell, Here’s my first WC Entry… Pure Blender, except used Gimp to put the “film frames” together. (But they were done in Blender.) Unfortunatly. thumnails don’t do the halos justice.

9Hello, this is my first participation to a contest. Today I dare!.. And DAMN it seems that ray-theway and I got pretty much the same idea! Nevermind…
Those are pure entries (all Blender except the jpeg marble texture). All are beziers with a simple shape as bevelObject:

Considering their purpose, I made them very simple. The thumbs size are even the actual sizes of my renders. Well, other reason: this is the best I can do for now! (i.e crappy envmaps on general and first…)
(second purpose: subliminal publicity: I noticed after modelling that if you flip the “third”, it make a “9” hehe!)

mattamThis entry consists of three awards and a ‘well done!’ image (taken to the letter, since i had no more time nor ideas except making a wedding cake). Those are my first blends :slight_smile:
Pure 2D made with the Gimp, the rest is pure blending. I learned a lot about texturing and lightning during this contest, so I hope you’ll see it!

bassewell… I was really going to do these tonight, (promises promises) but “fight club” came from TV tonight and I wanted to watch that instead… so… that’s that :slight_smile:
so, I’m entering with these two half-made pieces… there are no textures. the first one a simple blender-logo-thingy, that wobbles when you wave it… I) the second idea I had, was going to be a golden blender-machine. but, that doesn’t look much like blender yet… that’s when the fight club started… heh.


Wow! That’s quite an assortment :slight_smile:

Note to self: multiple image entries wasn’t the best idea you had last week.

wow i actually got votes (that wasn’t me) YEA YEA YEA i am so… excited!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

by the way whats with all the monkeys

hahaha gramps… job well dung indeed… nice surprise last minute entry!

I want one of them awards no matter whether gramps wins or not! As long as I get a spray can of new car scent along with it… the stink! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… looks like half the voters so far are “sickies”. Good job Gramps, but I wounldn’t shoot for any prise but perhaps second. :stuck_out_tongue:


well I think your prizes are really useable… if I am correct, we are not deciding who made the funniest or coolest looking pic here… I always though this would be more of a designing contest… but… i dunno…

I mean, c’mon… who would really want to receive a piece of dung as a job well done? heh… granpaboys picture is nice, but it’s not a good trophy.


I mean, c’mon… who would really want to receive a piece of dung as a job well done? heh… granpaboys picture is nice, but it’s not a good trophy.

hey are u kidding me! cmon! “a job well dung”, oh thats classic! hehehehe
i admit dung is not pretty to receive in real life, but if i were to come in say, third place in an elysiun contest, and received a plane ole bronze metal or trohpy, i wouldnt think much of it, but if i were to win the third place bung trophy with the monkey head mesh taking a poop in a toilet, oh it would make my day! hhahaha :wink:
seriously though, i understand where your coming from, but i certainly had alot of fun =D


Well, imgranpaboy’s image looks great, but since someone thought it before (or posted the result at least), it’s not very original. Hannibar’s monkeys have REALLY great textures, plus a reat idea, so points to him.

(I don’t want to sound offensive, but why on earth did you people vote for imgranpaboy instead of hannibar? Sure, the image looks great, but it seems awfully lot like he stole the idea…)

okokokokokok, O-K!.. if you wanna go there, let’s go there. here’s a link:


I still think, that trophies with not much poo in them are better.


I had to cencor that link, we have to keep in mind that alot of minors visit these forums. A link like that is just too offensive to them (or their parents)

Monkey poop trophies! Man, you are one sick dude, but that’s OK!

I never thought that I might end up winning a poop award someday. Good one.


I personally like gramps trophies. Although a pile of dung doesn’t sound like a good trophy. Hey at least its not steaming!!! :slight_smile:

:o Steaming!!!

Hey! Me too have my first trophy looking like poo! Gimme a vote!!

another sickie joins the list, good job gramps, got my vote

ah someone voted for me… I was losing faith there for a minute. No no no didn’t expect to win… 1 vote suits me fine. Just wondered whether I’d get it :wink:

I’m begging you! Please don’t let imgranpaboy win!
I don’t want to put that in the Hall of Fame :frowning: We already have toon bird crap (courtesy: guess who…) - we don’t need photoreal diseased monkey turds too…

I’d like to encourage you to vote for hannibar or Idgas. Both would be worthy winners. (I voted for one of them)
Or, if you want to vote for someone else, that’s okay, but please try to get another 15 or so people to vote with you.


Why is there no crying emoticon?


9: I think slightly larger renders would be better :wink:

BgDM: I like the nachos :slight_smile:

bogbean: Very nice silver :slight_smile: Very strong marble :o

FutureShip0: Are those chickens?

hannibar: I like the texturing on your first place :slight_smile:

Idgas: I like the Your Name Here :slight_smile:

macouno: I like the ! :slight_smile:

mattam: Nice first blends :slight_smile:

pofo: Nice :slight_smile: I think a full set of those would’ve been a contender (if we could catch the attention of all the fecaphiliacs in the audience…)

ray_theway: I like the Four Days . Fun . Glory :slight_smile:

rwenzlaff: I like your third place :slight_smile:

imgranpaboy: …


i didn’t want the entry pulled.
i just…


ok cool, its back up =|[/quote]

ectizen, anything is art if its done artistically, and i mean, if nudity can be art, why not dung =D.

So whats wrong with a bit of comedy art, i like it, every1 here likes it, thats why its winning. So against what your saying i think it would be great to have that in the hall of fame, i bet it brought a bit of laughter to the whole blender family =P


voting has been extended indefinitely (until i figure out what to do)
next week has been postponed indefinitely (until i figure out what to do)
the rules are going to change (when i figure out what to do)

how come ectizen? whats going on over there… i hope that doesnt mean:

voting has been extended indefinitely (until imgranpaboy starts loosing)
next week has been postponed indefinitely (unless imgranpaboy doesnt enter)
the rules are going to change (saying “no dung aloud”)