Challenge #181 (01/27/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #181 for 27 January 2006 is: Cool Toys!

You know - The ones you just knew the other kid always got for Christmas when you got socks and jumpers!

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 30 January 2006.

EDIT: Not enough time to do something decent.


<EDIT:> rats, no time here!

I’m also in if i have time.
Here we are: a ‘Suzanne’ in the box

I was wrong
maby next week

Cool topic.

Okay, here’s my humble subjection into this weekends contest. I’m sure everyone got one expect me. :smiley:

And a thumb

It’s a jetpack, a very uncomfortable and battered looking one, I guess they’re not used anymore, becuase of the obvious hazard of severe burns.

Nada post pro expect of the signature and tile, pure Blender internal.

cool topic! placholder!

whats placeholder?

My Spaceship

its a cool toy

rendered in Blender internal

"Son: mother mother, I want that karting for Christmas.
Mother: I’m sorry son, that is a very expensive gift.
Son: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: "

“A very expensive gift”

all righty then. here is my entry for “cool” toys.

this is a “cool lego” :smiley:


Sorry for the late entry, Theeth. Hope it’s on time…

Ton Roosendaal Action Figure!

Open entry.
Yafray + Photoshop.